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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Legend of Capitancillo

Written by City of Bogo
Monday, 29 September 2008
Published in City of Bogo Official Website

An Aura of romanticism wraps around the origin of Capitancillo expressed in song and legend. It Goes like this.

Capital Basillo, skipper of a trading vessel during the early years of Spanish rule, committed a grievance against Bugtopasan, one of the early Chieftain of Mactan around a kinsman of Lapu-lapu, and left surreptitiously Mactan. In a fit of anger, Bugtopasan mounted his enchanted white horse and rode out over the waves in pursuit of Captain Basillo’s vessel and flung a curse andspell on Captain Basillo followed by a crashing sound of thunder and bolts of lightning transforming what is now known as the islet of Capitancillo, named after the unfortunate Captain Basillo.

Today, local government of the City of Bogo ensures the protection and preservation of the Islet and its surroundings making it a protected site. Capitancillo is considered one of Cebu’s major dive site. Nearby resorts frequently bring their guests to the islet. features Capitancillo Island

Capitancillo Islet, City of Bogo.

Capitancillo Islet, a very small lighthouse island in the City of Bogo that is currently being developed by the City Government of Bogo as a protected marine sanctuary and the next Diving Destination in Cebu was featured by the website

Here's what the website said about Capitancillo Islet:
Underwater activities such as SCUBA Diving or Snorkeling have become new trends for those who are aquatically-inclined thrill-seekers. Some treated it as a sort of relaxation while others are just for curiosities of the under-the-water domain.

Housing Site for Teachers of DepED Bogo City Cebu

Bogo City Cebu

The local City government of Bogo in Cebu recently agreed with DepED to provide house and lot package to some 100+ public teacher including non-teaching personnel through afforadable schemes under the pag-IBIG Fund.The agreement was signed after the ground breaking ceremonies of the Teachers Village in Bogo City. It was expected to finish in 6 to 7 months.

City of Bogo bagged EGWEN Awards

***Note: Reposted from the City Government of Bogo's Official Website

Written by SP Online
Friday, 28 August 2009

Amidst the very laudable flurry of establishing town/city museums in Cebu came more surprises as the Cebu provincial government, with the assistance of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. went into the final round of the eGwen (short for Expanded Green and Wholesome Environment that Nurtures) competition last week.

SC reverses decision, declares Bogo's cityhood law and 15 others constitutional


VOTING 6-4,the Supreme Court (SC) reversed its earlier decision and declared as constitutional the cityhood laws that converted 16 municipalities into cities.

The Court en banc, in a 35-page decision penned by Associate Justice Presbitero J. Velasco Jr., granted the second motion for reconsideration by the respondent cities on the Court’s November 18, 2008 decision that declared the cityhood laws as unconstitutional for violation of Sections 6 and 10 of the Constitution.

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