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Monday, October 19, 2015

City of Bogo, National Finalist to Rondalla Ensemble Competition - NMCYA 2015

CBSAA Rondalla Ensemble qualifies NMCYA 2015
by TJ Marie Labastida - for blog
photos grab-from FB of slavsky ybanez

Slavsky Ybañez, conductor at the same time Human Resource Management Officer of the City of Bogo will lead the contingent for the win this year. The National Music Competitions for Young Artists (NMCYA) Week will be on November 24-29, 2015 at Cultural Centre of the Philippines. They were declared finalist after the regional elimination rondalla category last 29th of September held in Cebu City.

The CBSAA Rondalla Ensemble started after the wrath of Super Typhoon Yolanda which hit Bogo City last November 2013. The musical group was composed of Grade 8 students of City of Bogo Science and Arts Academy founded by Celestino E. Martinez, Jr., City Mayor who also rendered his untiring support especially on the purchase of the musical instruments.  They had their workshops in the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) to equip them in the making. The tutelage of their conductor with all the team’s effort made them the Halad sa Kabataan-Rondalla Category Champion last August 2014 organized by the Province of Cebu. Additionally, they will also compete earlier on October 29, 2015 for the same contest in the province this year.

Bogohanons are truly proud and honoured to bring out the potentials of the young generation. Levelling themselves to compete not just for honor but most importantly their true passion in Music. Today, these kids inspire the young aspiring musicians to follow their footsteps. To you, raise the banner of Bogo!

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City of Bogo Cebu

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

City of Bogo, National Finalist to the 4th eGov Awards for LGU

The City Government of Bogo was chosen as one of the Finalists for Excellence in ICT for Good Governance Awards or eGOV Awards for LGUs for 2015.

This eGov Awards is organized and made possible by the  National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), in partnership with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Cyber City Teleservices Philippines Inc. (CCTP).

This was first lunch in 2012 and the late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo was one of those who helped initiate it. In fact, the first awarding ceremony was named the Jesse Robredo Awards for Excellence in ICT for Good Governance in his honor and for his exemplary work as a local public servant in integrating ICT as part of good governance strategies.

According to the website, the eGov Awards is the first and most prestigious recognition to be given by the ICT sector to LGUs with exemplary performance in empowering its Public Customers and Business. It is an annual search for best practices in local government units in utilizing information and communications technology (ICT) to effectively and efficiently deliver its public services directly to its constituents and to its business stakeholders.

It was developed as a strategic approach to stimulate the country’s e-governance, particularly in LGU level to enable LGUs to become catalysts of change and index models of development anchored in the Philippine Digital Strategy (PDS), the Philippine ICT Roadmap 2011-2016.

The objectives of the eGov Awards are the following:

1. To encourage the effective and efficient utilization of information and communications technology (ICT) in the delivery of services and performance of the duties and responsibilities by local government units (LGUs).

2. To commend, collate and document best practices of LGUs in integrating ICT in their processes to serve as example and benchmarks to other LGU’s.

3. To improve the business ecosystem of the LGUs and motivate the private and business sector to actively participate and/or invest in the growth of the LGU’s .

4. To promote transparency in governance.

The awards aim to recognize two (2) major responsibilities of government:

1. The Best in eGov Customer Empowerment (G2C) Award - This category recognizes the measurable effect of an LGU’s outstanding practices in applying ICT solutions in the education and engagement of the public in the use of electronic facilities/channels towards providing improved, timely and relevant delivery of public services.

2. The Best in eGov Business Empowerment (G2B) Award - This category awards the significant effect of an LGUs laudable practices in integrating ICT solutions and the commitment of its administration in the bureau’s responsiveness to the needs of business enterprises, thereby creating business opportunities.

The complete list of LGU finalist are Quezon City, Marikina City, Muntinlupa City, Valenzuela City, San Mateo Rizal, Cavite, Pulilan Bulacan, Province of Iloilo, Bogo City Cebu, Cebu City, San Fernando La Union, Mlang Cotabato, Province of Leyte and Compostela Valley.

The announcement of winners will be on October 24, 2015, at The Oriental Legazpi, Legazpi City, Albay - the second day of the 2015 National ICT Summit organized by the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP).

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Prayer to St. Vincent Ferrer for a peaceful election 2016

Say this prayer with the Holy Rosary (or just this prayer) every night starting tomorrow October 12, 2015 which marks the first day of filling of candidacy up to May 20, 2016 or until such time that final results of the election are announced. But I recommend we should say this prayer after saying the Holy Rosary.

Prayer to St. Vincent Ferrer for a peaceful election.

Bogohanons' Prayer fo peaceful election in Bogo

O Saint Vincent Ferrer our guardian, because God, our eternal Father, has blessed you with an inexhaustible fountain of grace and blessings, we beg you to hear our prayers and to assist us with your powerful intercession.

You have just showed us how powerful our God is by interceding for us when we once fight for the right of Bogo to become a City. True indeed you showed to all Bogohanons and to the entire nation that prayer is powerful more than any other things and blessed Bogo with the Cityhood status that is just appropriate for your beloved place.

Because of this we Bogohanons, your devotees will always come to you at all times of our lives especially when we notice that death is near or when we are faced with trials and difficulties.

Prayer for peaceful election in the Philippines

Once again beloved St. Vincent Ferrer, full of confidence in God's mercy and compassion, we kneel in prayer before you, and commend to your powerful intercession all our problems, our trials, our difficulties and the forthcoming Election 2016.  

Glorious St. Vincent Ferrer, don’t let our beloved Philippines fall into the hands of people who wants to run this  with terrorism and oppression. Don’t let the Philippines fall into the hands of those who wants to use our resources to fill their greedy desires and use power to protect vested interest that will put God’s people into slavery, fear and dictatorship.

Help us have a peaceful election and let the voice of the majority be heard as we choose the right people that will lead us to peace and prosperity. Always watch over our welfare as citizens of this country and our eternal welfare as citizens of God’s Kingdom in heaven.

Oh St. Vincent Ferrer, miraculous and obedient servant of God, pray for us always as we put our hope in you. Amen.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Don Pedro Rodriguez - Grand Old Man of Bogo, First Filipino Senator

Reposted from DANTEMAYOR.COM, first published last October 25, 2009
I am changing the direction and the theme of my other blog and it seems that this article is no longer in line with that new direction. However, as a Bogohanon and for some reason I feel that this should not be deleted, so i move it here where it seems appropriate. I am suppose to rewrite this to make it a new article but dont have the time anymore so I am reposting this "as is".:

The City of Bogo is celebrating today, October 25, 2009 the 77th Death anniversary of one among the greatest Bogohanons, Don Pedro Lazala Rodriguez.  Every 25th of October, the City of Bogo will always celebrate the Don Pedro Day, which is also a local holiday. Don Pedro Rodriguez or "Nyor Endong" is the father of Bogohanons, he was famously called "PAHID SA MGA LUHA SA KABUS" which literally means "the one who wipes the tears of the less fortunates".

This years celebration started with a Holy Mass at 6:30am at SVF Archdiocesan Shrine, followed by the civic parade from the church going to Don Pedro Rodriguez' tomb at Rodriguez Mausoleum, Old Corazon Cemetery, Dela Viña St., Bogo City, Cebu.

A short program at the cemetery immediately follows the parade which highlights as always the following:
      1. A Eulogy from an invited guest.
      2. A musical rendation
      3. Offering of flowers and bouquets by the different sectors
      4. Response of the Family of Don Pedro
      5. and the Famous 21 Gun Salute

A short quiz bowl at the Elorde Community Stage participated by all schools in Bogo City follows the short program. And as usual, a lunch for everyone at the Rodriguez Family Residence (at Mayor Martinez' Ancestral House in Bogo).

In commemoration of the 77th Don Pedro Rodriguez Celebration, i am republishing here article in Cebuano language from the GEOCITIES written by the late Eufrosino Ursal Luna, which was originally published in Bag-ong Suga, a local newsletter by the writer himself who was a member of the Kamagas-Ludabi, Bogo Chapter.

DON PEDRO LAZALA RODRIGUEZ - 1869-1932: Ang Manggiluy-ong Bayani sa Bogo.

Napatik - Nob. 26, 1965
Bag-ong Suga
Sinulat ni Eufrosino Ursal Luna, Kamagas-Ludabi Chapter, Bogo, Cebu

Don Pedro Lazala Rodriguez

Ang Oktubre 25 maoy mapulang titik nga adlaw alang sa mga Bogohanon. Ang tanan manag-ambahan pagkuyog sa usa ka parada agig pagyukbo, pagtahod ug paghandom niadtong daku ug inilang tawo nga nagpahimutang sa kabantug sa Bogo diha sa mapa. Adlaw nga maoy kamatayan ni Senador Don Pedro Lazala Rodriguez, ang bayani ug amahan sa lungsod sa Bogo. Ikakatloan nag tolo ka tuig sumad sa iyang pagkapukan. (sa pagsulat niini)

Nyor Indong ang saga itawag kaniya. Natawo niadtong tuig 1869 gikan sa dugo sa mga ginikanang katsila, Don Jose Rodriguez ug Donya Vicente Lazala. Nakatungha sa seminaryo sa San Carlos ug mipadayon didto sa Ateneo de Manila, diin nakahupot sa silid pagka B.S in Agricultural Engineering, A.B ug BSC. Tungod sa gugma sa panguma

Nahimo si Nyor Indong nga Presidente-Munisipal sa Bogo sa panahon ni Hen. Emilio Aguinaldo sulod sa mga tuig 1898 hangtud sa 1903. Ug sa 1905 miadto sa Espanya ug sa ubang dapit sa Uropa ug paghibalik, ginominar siya isip usa ka delegado alang sa unang Asembliya sa Pilipinas. Unya sa 1907 mirepresentar kumo senador samtang ang iyang igsoon, Celestino Rodriguez - deputado sa unag distrito.

Sulod sa iyang administrasyon dinhay higayon nga nahimo siyang usa ka mamumulong sa pagsaulog kun inawgurasyon sa Independensya sa karaang plasa sa Sugbo, matud pa niya...

"....Dinhi sa ibabaw sa kalibotan, duruha da ka bukid ang labing bantugan, ang bukid sa senai ug ang bukid as sudlon. Apan alang sa mga Pilipino ang bukid sa sudlon maoy labing mahal ug halandumon, kay sa tumoy-tumoy sa iyang sima...diha mahitarok ang unang bandilang Pilipinhon nga gipakayab sa panganod Sugboanon...nga gipaagasan ug daghang dugo sa atong mga kaliwat aron paglaban sa inahan tang yuta...."

Mapuslanon kaayo ang iyang pag-alagad sa unang hugna sa Senadorya, nga maoy nakapaaghat kaniya pag-usab pag-apil sa kombensyon sa pagka Senador batok kang Don Filemon Sotto sa partido Nasyonalista. Kadaghan sa mga delegado habig kang Don Sotto ug gihukman nga modaug sa kombensyon.

Masipang pakpak ang mitapus sa lima ka gutlong pakigpulong sa banggiitang mamumulong nga Sotto. Unya misunod si Don Pedro Rodgriguez ug misugod....

"...Minahal kong mga delegado sa kombensyon: kon tinuod man ugaling nga ang kalibotan tang gipuy-an matapus unya manudya? Sa panahon nga ang tawo mabanhaw... akoy unang mobangon gikan sa akong lubanganan dinala sa akong mga bukton ug ipakayab ko sa kahanginang Pilipinhon ang bandila sa partido kon walay suwerte ning kombensyona, ako moyukbo og motabang sa maong partido nga minugna...tinukod ug gipangulohan ni Don Sergion Osmeña..."

Burial of Don Pedro Rodriguez Makabungog ang gahub nga mibukot sulod sa Sine Ideal diin himoa ang tigom sa kombensiyon. Kadtong mga pulonga nga nanuhotsuhot sa kinailadman sa katawhan maoy nakapadaug kaniya niadtong higayona.

Gisublian si Nyor Indong sa 10th Senatorial District diin mimayoriyag daku labaw kang deputado Vicente Sotto sa partido Demokrata. Sa Senado usa siya sa manggimbuhaton, bantugang mamumulong, nagsilbe sa katarung ug kaligdong. Ug supak sa katungod kun ugaling dili mahiangay sa mga lungsoranon.

Si Don Pedro Rodriguez mao ang "Pahid" sa luha sa mga kabus, kay lagi mahigugmaon man sa mga timawa. Ang magkinahanglan ug yta, gibaligyaan sa kubos nga bili ug pinaagi pa sa data-data. Nagpahulam ug salapi nga walay tanto. Gihalad ang iyang kinabuhi pagtukaw pagtabang niadtong nanagkamang sa kapit-os ug kakabus.

Katoliko Romano si Nyor Indong sanglit gitugahan man ug lote alang sa Simbahan sa Bogo ug Medellin.

Naminyo kang Donya Masay Veloso - gitugahan ug tolo ka mga anak sila sa Jose V. Rodriguez, ang kanhi Deputado ug na-Mayor sa dakbayan sa Sugbo, Anhing Amparo ug Pedring Jr.,

Source Link:
      Bogo Cebu hosted by Geocities

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

City of Bogo First Charter Day Run

Runners and anyone interested in Sports, join us in the First Charter Day Run of the City of Bogo.

For LGU employees and Officials:
5K, 12k and 21k

For the Open Category
5K, 12k and 21k

There will be singlet, race bib, snacks and finisher's medal in all categories.

For more info, just open the links below

Attention Runners and sports enthusiasts, join the Run.for more info click here:…...
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bogo City Annual Fiesta 2015

Bogo City Annual Fiesta 2015

The City of Bogo will once again celebrate its Fiesta comes May 27, 2015 in honor of our miraculous patron San Vicente Ferrer.
This year’s fiesta celebration is “Celebrating Resilience: Bogohanons Moving Forward” as we are all moving forward no matter what after the devastation brought by super typhoon Yolanda.
The lined-up activities are as follows:
March to May 15, 2015


April 5, 2015

Launching of Fiesta Activities:
Bogo Skating Rink
April 11 & 12, 2015
     Saturday & Sunday

Bogo Sports Complex
May 17, 2015
GARBOSA – Alagad Paanyag and Bingo Sosyal
Bogo Public Plaza
May 18, 2015
     Government Employees Night (National, Provincial  and City Employees)
Bogo Skating Rink`
May 19, 2015
Youth Night / Disco
Bogo Skating Rink
May 20, 2015
Inter-Clan Dance Contest (ABC Night)
Bogo Sports Complex
May 21, 2015
Religious / Cultural (Parish Night)
Bogo Skating Rink
May 22, 2015
DepEd Night
Bogo Skating Rink
May 23, 2015
Bogo Skating Rink

Mayor’s Night:  MUSIC FESTIVAL
Bogo Skating Rink
May 24 2015
DUATHLON:  Bogo Mountain Bikers (BMB)
New Bogo City Hall

AGRI TRADE FAIR Opening (The Trade Fair will continue up to May 27, 2015)
Bogo Public Plaza

Bogo Sports Complex

Bogo Skating Rink
May 25, 2015
AGRI TRADE FAIR (Daily from 8am to 5pm until May 7, 2015)
Bogo Public Plaza

BRS NIGHT : Bogo Got Talent
Bogo Skating Rink
May 26, 2015

May 27, 2015
Photo Exhibit
Bogo Skating Rink

SBBA NIGHT:  Search for Little Prince and Princess for 2015
Bogo Skating Rink
May 28, 2015
LGBT Night:  Search for GARBOSA Mother and Child
Bogo Skating Rink

Some of these activities will be held for the first time in Bogo during fiestas, like the participation of LGBT community or the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders. They will be having their night on May 28, 2015 featuring the Search for Garbosa Mother and Child. The said activity will be lead by GARBOSA or the GAys ARound BOgo Solid Association which will also lead another activity earlier on May 17 called Alagad Paanyag and Bingo Sosyal.
The showdown of talents among the Government Employees in Bogo  both local (City and Province) and National will also be held for the first time. This will feature a Musical Presentations in groups, but I think this will exclude the teachers and educators since they will have their usual Teachers Night, DepEd night or Educators Night on May 2, 2015.  The students of CBSAA or the City of Bogo Science and Arts Academy will also show their talents on the educators night. CBSAA is a school founded by Honorable Mayor Celestino “Junie” Martinez Jr. for those children who have great potentials in Science and Arts.
Another first is the Inter-Clan Dance Contest which will be featured by the ABC Night on May 20. This is a showdown among original native Bogohanon Clans. This activities encourages Bogohanons who are now living in other places especially outside the Philippines to come home during fiesta.
Though the Bankarera is held annually, the addition of the DRAGON BOAT RACE on May 23 will be the first. As I’ve heard, the teams who will compete in this Dragon Boat Race are same teams who competes in National and International Competitions, if true, this will bring more tourist to Bogo.
Our generations are now healthy conscious that’s why Fun Runs, marathons and the likes are being held almost everywhere from time to time, but I think it’s the first time that Bogo Fiesta will feature Duathlon Sugbo Glow Fun Run and Paint Festival Invasion.
If things will push through as planned this will be the first time also that Bogo will held a mini-Woodstock style Band Showdown, this will be more entertaining to the young and music-inclined people. In recent developments regarding this, 5 or 6 bands are currently showing interest to join the showdown.
Well, in general, this coming fiesta is more fun with lots of new entertaining activities added other than the usual display of celebrities. The said activities, its scheduled time and date and venue is still subject to change at the discretion of the Fiesta Committee, the event organizers or the parties involved in response to certain circumstances that may arise.

We have also lined-up some religious activities for the fiesta Celebration:
Novena Mass will start also on May 18, 2015 until May 26, 2015 at 5:00pm.
May 17, 2015 Sunday – Free baptism for older children 5years old and above.
May 21, 2015 Thursday – Mass wedding for those living together for 5 years or more. (Civilly married couple are considered living together without Holy Matrimony by the Holy Roman Catholic Church.)
May 23, 2015 Saturday – Confirmation for children 12 years old and above to be officiated by Rev. Msgr. Rey Penagunda.
May 27, 2015 Wednesday – Fiesta!
     5:00am – Holy Mass
     6:30am – Holy Mass
     8:00am – Concelebrated Mass with Most Reverend Bishop Emilio Bataclan, D.D., auxiliary bishop of Cebu – north.
     10:00am – Concelebrated Mass with His Eminence Archbishop Jose S. Palma, Archbishop of Cebu.
     2:00pm – Holy Mass and Baptism
     3:00pm – Blessing of Devotees of Saint Vincent Ferrer
     4:00pm – Concelebrated Mass with Archbishop John Forrosuelo Du, D.D., Archbishop of Palo, Leyte
For more info on the religious activities, please visit the office of the Archdiocesan Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer.

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