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Friday, September 30, 2011

Inquirer News | No private army in Bogo City

No private army in Bogo City

BOGO City Mayor Celestino “Junie” Martinez said the City of Bogo’s Anti-Criminality Task Force (CBACTF) is  an augmentation force in the city’s fight against crime and not a private army.

In  the 888 News Forum last Tuesday, Martinez said CBACTF reinforced the limited number of policemen that monitors incidents of crime.

Martinez said CBACTF members are not  “goons.”

Last year, administration candidates said they wanted Bogo City  and the entire fourth district of Cebu to be placed under the control of the Commission on Elections, citing the “distressing” situation in the area.

They also wanted the  CBACTF, a civilian task force formed by Martinez disbanded, disbanded, claiming the mayor is using civilian volunteers as his “private army.”

The complainants said the CBACTAF was  formed to serve the  Martinezes and  harass and intimidate the people of Bogo, especially those who opposed the family  in last year’s elections.

Mayor Martinez said there’s no reason to fear the civilian group because they are just residents of Bogo.
Martinez invited members of the media to visit Bogo City  and see how CBACTF helped maintain peace and order in the city.

Go to Inquirer to read more on this news, click here or click the snapshot.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bogo Public Library Holds City-Wide DepEd-sanctioned Essay Writing Contest

Bogo Public Library Holds City-Wide DepEd-sanctioned Essay Writing Contest 

It was March 18, 2011 when fifty-one (51) aspiring, young writers trooped to the Bogo Public Library to win the Essay Writing Contest. They came from all over the City, each group with a teacher-chaperone, to participate in a tournament sanctioned by the Department of Education Division of Bogo and organized by the local government.

The contest was the opening move, specifically designed to discover and identify a pool of talented young people who will form the core of the publication support structure. Of the fifty partipants, three stood out with their obvious potential and decent writing skills. Ron Jacob Unabia, Kaymae Maitum and Quenie Fernan were declared the winners. Currently active writers, they are featured in page five of the Kanaas publication (1st issue). They will also be featured in this site one by one in the next posts.

The organizers also gave out medals to ten other participants who showed promise. Cash, trophies and medals - donated by supportive members of the local community - were given as prizes to the winners.

KANAAS Sa Amihanan
July 2011 Vol. 1 No. 1
(A local quarterly newspaper of Bogo published by the City of Bogo through the Bogo Public Library)

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