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Monday, November 28, 2011


Dear fellow NCC alumni and Bogohanons,

Here's something to be proud of: The Northern Cebu Colleges (NCC) turns 80 on March 10, 2012;
a great milestone in the educational category in our "Dear Old Bogo" and neighboring towns and

President Dr. Frankie V. Fernan and the Alumni Association held a special meeting last October 31.
Activities befitting this milestone were discussed and planned. You will be updated on the details
before Christmas 2011 by the committee in charged.

A commemorative book will be published to celebrate the 80th anniversary of NCC.
This is where I come in!

Published book info:
No. of copies - 200 (publishers' accepted minimum no. of copies )
No. of pages - 200

Printing cost based on 2009 was Php1000.

I am earnestly asking for book content contributions from:

1. NCC alumni, such as a one-page-article and photos (especially old ones).

2. families of former NCC instructors, to please send us photos preferably taken during
   school activities.

3. former instructors to send a write-up of your NCC memories

   Please send  above book content contributions via email.

Note: The editorial staff will select the articles and photos to publish depending on the
book content contributions received. Ideally, each batch must submit an article and a photo.

Book page layout:
Page size- 8 1/2" x 11"
Font style -Times New Roman
Font size -10
Alignment -Left justified
1/8" extra for left hand edge (for binding)
Header and footer margin - 1/2"
Paragraph -indent (no line space from the preceding paragraph)

To speed up the publication of this commemorative book, include the following information:
Name of contributor, contact info and batch #.

                        I       1932-1949
                II      1950-1959
                III     1960-1969
                IV     1970-1979
                V      1980-1989
                VI     1990-1999
                VII    2000-

Late submission will not be considered nor returned.

Timing is very important to publish this book.There are only 3 months to make this valuable
dream come true, minus the Christmas holidays, power and system (Internet) outages, natural disasters
and health hindrances. This leaves us a very limited time to achieve our dream - to publish
the 4th collectible book of Bogo.

Thank you so much for all your immediate cooperation.


Inna-Marlyna Orat Sevilla-Villadar
Check out Bogo's 3rd collectible book, Bogo Redeemers Society 90th Anniversary commemorative book, "LIDERAZGO".

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