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Monday, May 9, 2011

The City of Bogo Official website

A lot of people are looking for the official website of the City Government of Bogo which is

Well, the website will be online soon but it will be under a new domain name. There was an executive order  requiring local government units to put up their own website. If I'm not mistaken, it was through the National Computer Center which is under the Office of the President. In this executive order it also mandated there that LGU's official websites should bear the name ".GOV.PH". 

So the city government of Bogo is now complying with this mandate and is now processing the necessary documents with the national government who will provide the City of Bogo its official website domain including its hosting..

The new website will be online soon. The earlier would be this month of May and the later will be on July 2011. The domain name of the website could be: or Just watch for it, we will be announcing it here so dont hesitate to come back to this blog everytime you're online.


  1. `pwede ko makaapil design ane nga site???

  2. hi. in what department can i ask where to find my grandfather? since i never met him before..i wanted to find the parents of my father. hope to hear from you soon..thanks


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