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Monday, November 18, 2013

City of Bogo - After Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan

Bogo City had been severely by typhoon, Yolanda/Haiyan.  About 90% of the total households in Bogo were damaged by the raging Yolanda, girl what have you done to us. Electricity was down, about 80% of the power infrastructure in Bogo was damaged.

In our 1st general meeting with the City Mayor (Junie Martinez), the Bogo City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, and heads of key sectors in Bogo, CEBECO II's initial assessment result reveal that power will be restored late January of 2014 or early of February 2014.  But according to our sources, the main thoroughfares of Bogo, the Poblacion and public areas will be lighted first early December 2013 as a result of the help extended by CEBECO I and CEBECO III and other power cooperatives in the Visayas like Negros and Bohol.

Even the newly constructed City Hall and the Archdiocesan Shrine San Vicente Ferrer was not spared by the typhoon, but thanks to God and the intercession of Mother Mary and San Vicente Ferrer, most lives were saved, just a few fatalities and injuries.  City hall furnitures and laptops were flying out to the sugarcane plantation. There's one sofa from the City Hall that was thrown out of the window for about 300 meters away.

The new Bogo Sports Complex (Don Celestino Martinez Sports Center) was converted into an evacuation center a day before the typhoon.  And thanks to God a lot of people listen to the City Governments call to evacuate. But during the typhoon, even the evacuation center's roof was damaged and people are wailing and running to different directions. Children and elderly were crying, "is this the end of the world?" Everyone was terrified that a stampede will happen. Thanks again to God to our patron saint, only a few injuries.

The City Mayor was so sad that for how many years Bogo was trying to rise up above the rest of the Northern Cebu towns and have started to become the center of trade and industry and now back to rebuilding key infrastructures again.  On the other hand, he was happy that only a few lives were lost. 

Mayor Junie is still optimistic that prospected investors will still believe that more opportunities in Bogo. He still believe that Bogo will rise up again and fulfill its dream to be the center of trade and industry.

Padayon Bogo Padayon, ayaw paghunong, kay ang kalangitan nagdan-ag sa imong dalan.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Bogo City Hall is now open!

New Bogo Business District, Buac, Cayang, Bogo City, Cebu.

The New Bogo City Hall is now open for business. Yes, the Local Government of the City of Bogo is now operating in the New Bogo City Hall, sitting at a 6-hectare lot donated by Sra. Nilda Espinosa Martinez and Mr. Robie Hererra.

The said area is in the middle of more than a hundred hectare of flat lands planted with sugar cane and now being converted into a new commercial district. Many companies, entities and business groups are now showing interest already to invest and put up business establishments in the area. The first ever to own lot and will soon start constructing a mall is the Robinsons Land, Inc.

 Around the New City Hall will also rise more buildings that will house most, if not all service-oriented Government Agencies that will serve not only the people of Bogo and the neighboring towns, but also the neighboring provinces of Masbate and Leyte. 

This project is aimed at boosting economic activities in the City of Bogo and its neighboring towns. Mayor Junie Martinez started this project in 2009. Construction was stopped sometime in 2010 due to the flip-flopping of the Supreme Court decision on Bogo's cityhood status and 15 other LGUs. 

Starting last Monday, April 15, 2013, the New City Hall is now serving the people of Bogo. For inquiries, you can call the New City Hall at (032) 260-5310, 260-5311 and 260-5312. Then ask the operator to connect you to the Office that you wish to call.

Last April 16, 2013, Tuesday, the New Bogo City Hall was blessed followed by the Holy Mass officiated by Msgr. Isidro "Dhodong" Ullamot, Fr. Dave Jurcales, Fr. Jermaine Lecciones, Fr. Maning Tan, and a newly assigned priest in Bogo. The Inauguration will be on April 19, 2013 by no less than HIS EXCELLENCY BENIGNO S. AQUINO III, President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Please like also the New Bogo City Hall's Facebook page at

Photo courtesy of Eden Tagalog Diaz.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bogo City - New Cityhall Inauguration

City of Bogo, Cebu.

The new cityhall of Bogo is now being completed. The building itself is now 100% completed. Installation of airconditioning system, pabx system, LAN, queueing sytem and fire alarm (with water sprinkler) have just been completed.

Some works inside and within the vicinity is still nearing its completion like the installation of furnitures and fixtures and the upgrade of the lighting system to LED.

The inauguration is being scheduled to takes place within the 2nd week to the last week of March. No less than His Excellency Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III will lead the inauguration. The exact date of the inauguration is still being finalized by the presidential management staff and will be announced soon.

After the said inauguration, President Aquino will be in the Bogo City Sports Complex to meet all the City and Barangay Officials of Bogo City.  The City Government is hoping that the exact date for these activities will be finalize sooner so that the Bogo City Sports Complex can be used for  graduation ceremonies and other activities.

As of the moment, no other activities are being scheduled in the sports complex since all the remaining days of this month (March) are reserved for the coming of the President.

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