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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inquirer features Capitancillo Islet

Capitancillo: Cebu's new ocean leisure spot.

As a Bogohanon, I am very proud of our diving spot in Bogo, of which recently was featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer with the title: "Capitancillo: Cebu's new ocean leisure spot."

The article talks about the short story about Capitancillo islet and why it becomes Cebu's new ocean leisure spot.

Capitancillo is an islet within the territorial jurisdiction of the City of Bogo, northern tip of Cebu Island and is considered one of Cebu's ocean leisure spot. And that is why the local government is promoting and protecting this islet and ensures its preservation including its surroundings.

According to the website, the official website of the Philippine Coast Guard, Capitancillo is one of the operating light stations in the country. The islet hosts a solar-powered lighthouse and weather observation post built in the ruins of an American prewar structure that was replaced
by a 25-meter cylindrical tower in the 1905s.

Capitancillo is filled with rich and valuable coastal and marine resources. Thus, it was declared a marine sanctuary and diving destination noting its potentials and it is now a haven for divers.

It has three dive sites - Ormoc Shoal, Nuñez Shoal and its own southwest wall. The sites have shallow reef tops at 33 feet leading to drop-offs with soft corals, gorgonian sea fans, caves and black corals.

Capitancillo Islet can be reached from four jump-off points in Bogo City, 101 kilometers from Cebu City and a three-hour travel by bus. These are Polambato Port (45-minute boat ride), Nailon Wharf (30-minute), Marangog Cove (15 to 20-minute) and Odlot Hideaway (15 to 20-minute).

Rental for a pumpboat that can accommodate at most 15 people is from P1,000 to P2,000. Day huts can be rented at P200 for whole-day use.

Although there is no diving operator in the islet, three certified divers collect only P100 each for foreign clients and P50 for locals.

Please go to the original article posted in the Philippine Daily Inquirer website to read more about this.

Monday, August 8, 2011

City of Bogo - New Scholars Named

Seven new scholars were chosen to receive assistance for their tertiary education by the Bogo City Government, adding to the current eighty seven deserving student beneficiaries.

The seven scholars are Mary Apple Balunan, Sarah Jane Metante, Richell Ann Hidalgo, Fiel Anthony Francisco, Garyphike Pelaez, Mary Faith Crodua, and Archer Lepon Jr., coming from the different barangays of the city. They took and passed the qualifying examination last May 18-21, 2011 held at Bogo City Hall.

“I, for one, know how valuable education is to each and every people. I am very much committed to giving our youth a scholarship program so that they can realize their deeply-felt hopes and dreams in their lives,’’ expressed Honorable Celestino “Junie” Martinez Jr., the city mayor.

The City of Bogo Scholarship Program has long been giving support to many Bogohanons who are very much eager and hopeful to continue their tertiary schooling. With the mission of making the future bright for every constituent of the city, it has persistently and continuously accepted many aspiring students year after year with the applicants undergoing proper screening and evaluation before making their entry to the scholarship program of the City of Bogo.

From the time it first existed up to the present, it has already helped a good number of students finish their college courses. Just last March 2011, 47 scholars were able to graduate, 32 of them were cadets of the Southwestern University Maritime Regiment under the Study Now Pay Later Program of the city mayor, and the rest finished baccalaureate degrees from the prestigious and distinguished universities and colleges in Cebu City as well as in Bogo itself.

“To the man I owe priceless gratitude; a man who serves as the father of Bogohanons; a man with real passion in helping the less productive people in the society to alleviate and improve their lives; a man who serves as an instrument and an initiator for the realization of the dreams of the young Bogohanons who thought before that their dreams are just illusions. I am thankful to the mayor for his unselfish support for attaining my college education. And now, I am about to begin the second step of my journey towards success. I salute to the mayor,” said Ricky Flores, one of the appreciative cadets of the Maritime Regiment of SWU, now assigned at UNIVAN, Shipping Company.

In making their way to the scholar’s society.
Having been chosen to receive the grant for the pursuance of their education, these students were thankful for the opportunity. The said assistance will be provided on a quarterly basis as they go to college.

“Nagpasalamat kaayo ko og dako nga gihatagan mi og grasya gikan sa kahitas-an, pinaagi sa atong pinalanggang mayor sa Bogo. Usa gayud siya ka instrumento. Hinaot nga hatagan pa siya og taas-taas nga higayon pa nga mamuno og moserbisyo sa atong siyudad. Ang iyang programa usa gayud ka dakong tabang kanamong mga kabataan,” expressed Sarah Jane Metante, one of the new scholars.

With Engr. Wenceslao Cañete and Ms. Sheila Orcullo, as coordinators, the scholarship program unrelentingly inspires many young people to the realization that poverty is not a roadblock to success.

by Kenneth June Ybañez
July 2011 Issue, Vol. 1 No. 1

Sunday, August 7, 2011

SC decision final | Bogo stays as city

      The Supreme Court (SC) finally issued an entry of judgment on July 6, 2011 on the cityhood status of 16 cities which includes the City of Bogo following a series of contradicting decisions on the case against the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP). The issuance of entry of judgment puts an end to the long legal battle.
       In a Resolution penned by Associate Justice Lucas P. Bersamin, it concluded: “Congress undeniably gave these cities all the considerations that justice and fair play demanded. Hence, this Court should do no less by stamping its imprimatur to the clear and unmistakable legislative intent and by duly recognizing the certain collective wisdom of Congress.”
       “WHEREFORE, the Ad Cautelam Motion for Reconsideration) of the Decision dated 15 February 2011) is denied with finality.”
       Declared constitutional were RA 9389 (Baybay City in Leyte), RA 9390 (Bogo City in Cebu), RA 9391 (Catbalogan City in Samar), RA 9392 (Tandag City in Surigao del Sur), RA 9393 (Lamitan City in Basilan), RA 9394 (Borongan City in Eastern Samar), RA 9398 (Tayabas City in Quezon), RA 9404 (Tabuk City in Kalinga), RA 9405 (Bayugan City in Agusan del Sur), RA 9407 (Batac City in Ilocos Norte), RA 9408 (Mati City in Davao Oriental), RA 9409 (Guihulngan City in Negros Orienta), RA 9434 (Cabadbaran City in Agusan del Norte), RA 9435 (El Salvador City in Misamis Oriental), RA 9436 (Carcar City in Cebu) and RA 9491 (Naga City in Cebu).
       Bogo City Mayor, Hon. Celestino E. Martinez Jr., said that the city government will ask the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to release the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) withheld from the time the cityhood law was ratified. 
         The 16 cities will submit a letter to Budget Secretary Francisco Abad, to this effect. Bogo received city-rate IRA in 2007, 2008 and the 1st quarter of 2009 only.

June 16, 2007. RA 9390 the cityhood law that converts the status of Bogo into city was ratified in a plebiscite.

November 18, 2008. SC declared the 16 cityhood laws unconstitutional for violation of Sections 6 and 10 of Article X of the Constitution specifying equality in creation of new cities. The 16 cities did not meet the criteria of a P100M income, SC ruled in a vote of 6-5 and written by Justice Antonio Carpio.

December 21, 2009. The Nov. 18, 2008 decision was reversed by SC in a vote 6-4 declaring the 16 cityhood laws were in fact, constitutional and not violative to the Constitution. The resolution was written by Justice Presbitero J. Velasco Jr. The ruling declared that 16 new cities were explicitly exempt from income requirement pursuant to RA 9009.

August 24, 2010. The third ruling granted the motions for reconsideration filed by the LCP in a vote of 7-6 and written again by Justice Carpio. Two justices inhibited from the case. SC in effect, reinstated its November 18, 2008 decision.

February 15, 2011. The fourth ruling granted the motions for reconsideration filed by 16 cities. It reinstated the Dec. 21, 2009 decision declaring the 16 cityhood laws valid and constitutional.

April 12, 2011. SC denied with finality the motion for reconsideration filed by LCP.

June 28, 2011. SC dismissed the 2nd Ad Cautelam Motion for Reconsideration (of Feb. 15, 2011 Decision).

July 6, 2011. SC issued the Entry of Judgment declaring the constitutionality of 16 laws final and executory.

The Bone of Contention. The LCP contend that the cityhood laws violate Sections 6 and 10 of Article X of the Constitution, the Equal Protection Clause, and the right of local governments to a just share in the national taxes.

However, SC ruled that Congress clearly intended that the 16 new cities be exempted from the coverage of RA 9009 particularly the adjustment in income requirement from P20M to P100M.

The 16 cities assert that in October 2000 Senate Bill No. 2157 prior to its adoption as RA 9009 was yet deliberated in Congress while the subject cityhood laws were already pending in Senate.

RA 9009 only took effect on June 30, 2011 already under the 12th Congress. Hence, it did not cover the conversion bills. Furthermore, the responses of Senator Aquilino Pimentel, author of RA 9009 made it clear that the law exempts the 16 cities from coverage.

With every fabric of contention settled, the Mayor said to those who attended the thanksgiving mass on June 30, 2011 held at the chapel of the city hall, “Be home and sleep soundly”.

By Ruby Ortega-Uy
July 2011 Issue, Vol. 1 No. 1

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oil and Gas Exploration Off the Waters of Bogo

      The Department of Energy (DOE) under service contract with NorAsian Energy Philippines, Inc. conducted offshore oil and gas exploration project in the waters of Bogo starting the first week of June this year.
          The three-dimensional (3D) marine seismic survey covered an operational area of 464 sq. kms. traversing the municipalities of Borbon and Sogod  including the City of Bogo while data acquisition covered mainly the waters of San Francisco and Palompon.
The territorial waters of Bogo along with other 16 municipalities of 3 provinces are part of Service Contract (SC) 69 which covers and area of 7,040 sq. kms over the Camotes Sea. SC 69 aims to acquire approximately 880 line kms of seismic data that will be used in the evalutation of geologic features that may have potential deposit for oil and gas.
          Atty. Russ Mark Gamallo, Legal Officer-Visayas Field Office, said 3D survey follows a 2D survey when data gathered indicate potential results. The 2D survey was conducted between March to April 2010 which identified 2 prospects. 
The 3D marine seismic survey is expectedto take a better impression of the area that may lead to exploratory drilling, Atty. Gamallo added.
          On board the seismic vessel, BGP MV Discoverer 2 is a marine mammal observer installed to ensure the safety of marine mammals along the exploration site.  The vessel travels a speed of 8 kms per hour (7.5 mins./km), tows 4 cables of 4.5 kms in length each at 5-8 meters underwater.  On the surface orange buoys with flashing lights are attached to the end of cables.
          The Sangguniang Panlungsod passed Resolution No. 048-2011 on May 11, 2011 expressing support to the petroleum exploration program of the national government and favorably endorsing the project.
          Local authorities, along with department heads and representative from Bantay Dagat sat down with DOE and Norasian Energy Phils., Inc. on May 6, 2011. Among the issues and concerns the forum addresed were as follows:
1.    The survey shall be outside coral reefs, marine sanctuaries and marine protected areas, dive sites and other shallow areas;
2.    Safety measures shall be in placed for protection of marine stocks;
3.    Safety of the seafaring vessels and the interest of fisherfolks shall not be prejudiced;
4.    A just compensation scheme to a valied claim, if there will be any.
DOE through its service contractor also presented the Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC) issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  
          The project is a realization of policy thrust of Philippine Government to ensure energy security which aims to develop the country’s indigenous energy resources under its Petroleum Exploration Program. 

By Ruby Ortega-Uy
July 2011 Issue, Vol. 1 No. 1

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

KANAAS, Bogo City's community paper - launching

Today is the launching of KANAAS Gikan sa Amihanan, a quarterly publication of Bogo City. This publication will feature all the events in Bogo, including the programs, projects and activities of the city government. This will also serve as a quarterly report of the city government to its constituents.

But most of all, according to Hon. Belinda N. Rodriguez who is the editor in chief of this community paper, this publication is a vehicle where Bogohanon budding writers, young and old, can express themselves and further develop their talent for writing.

The paper have sections for both English and Cebuano literary works and pages for editorial and opinion. With this, our student writers in Bogo will have ample spaces to showcase their talents.

The Kanaas publication staff:

Belinda N. Rodriguez
Managing Editor
Shiela F. Orcullo
Assistant Editor
Ruby Ortega-Uy
Jinky Garcia-Guevarra

Mary Ann Togonon
Premalyn P. Cayabyab

Ronilo S. Del Carmen
Leamier D. Estacion

Gregy Romano

Ulysses Vincent C. Villacrucis

Gilbert Rodrigo

Christine Mata Alfafara
Lora May Labastida
Gremer Chan Reyes

Marcelo Baterna

Rudy Pescante

Julian Siasar

Antonieto Suico
Kenneth June Ybañez
Kaymae Maitum

Ron Jacob Unabia
Quenie Fernan
Ma. Cindelle Ancajas
Jasper Jay Dionela
TJ Marie Labastida
Fidel Rico Nini
Jose Neil Lumongsod
Ranel Veraces

Jaz June Ramirez
Jeany Eve Ynot

For Bogohanons around the world who wish to obtain a copy of KANAAS but would seem impossible to do so, worry not. For I have already asked the Kanaas Publication Staff through its Managing Editor Shiela Flores Orcullo the permission to publish in this website some of the interesting articles of the publication. Just keep visiting to this site and I will share to you some of the articles that are worth sharing for, especially all about the events in Bogo City.

Congratulations to the staff of Kanaas! Rest assured that proper credits will be made to the articles that will be publish here.

KANAAS publication will circulate in the entire 4th district of Cebu and will accept advertisements. If you wish to advertise in Kanaas, just contact Prem at (032) 4349488 during office hours from Monday to Saturday. The price quotation for the ads:
Centerfold (2 face)
Whole Page
1 Half Page
1/4 Page
Line Ad



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~ noisesound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound).; "he enjoyed the street noises"; "they heard indistinct noises of people talking"; "during the firework display that ended the gala the noise reached 98 decibels"
v.2. rustlemake a dry crackling sound.; "rustling silk"; "the dry leaves were rustling in the breeze"

~ sound, gomake a certain noise or sound.; "She went `Mmmmm'"; "The gun went `bang'"

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