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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

City of Bogo First Charter Day Run

Runners and anyone interested in Sports, join us in the First Charter Day Run of the City of Bogo.

For LGU employees and Officials:
5K, 12k and 21k

For the Open Category
5K, 12k and 21k

There will be singlet, race bib, snacks and finisher's medal in all categories.

For more info, just open the links below

Attention Runners and sports enthusiasts, join the Run.for more info click here:…...
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bogo City Annual Fiesta 2015

Bogo City Annual Fiesta 2015

The City of Bogo will once again celebrate its Fiesta comes May 27, 2015 in honor of our miraculous patron San Vicente Ferrer.
This year’s fiesta celebration is “Celebrating Resilience: Bogohanons Moving Forward” as we are all moving forward no matter what after the devastation brought by super typhoon Yolanda.
The lined-up activities are as follows:
March to May 15, 2015


April 5, 2015

Launching of Fiesta Activities:
Bogo Skating Rink
April 11 & 12, 2015
     Saturday & Sunday

Bogo Sports Complex
May 17, 2015
GARBOSA – Alagad Paanyag and Bingo Sosyal
Bogo Public Plaza
May 18, 2015
     Government Employees Night (National, Provincial  and City Employees)
Bogo Skating Rink`
May 19, 2015
Youth Night / Disco
Bogo Skating Rink
May 20, 2015
Inter-Clan Dance Contest (ABC Night)
Bogo Sports Complex
May 21, 2015
Religious / Cultural (Parish Night)
Bogo Skating Rink
May 22, 2015
DepEd Night
Bogo Skating Rink
May 23, 2015
Bogo Skating Rink

Mayor’s Night:  MUSIC FESTIVAL
Bogo Skating Rink
May 24 2015
DUATHLON:  Bogo Mountain Bikers (BMB)
New Bogo City Hall

AGRI TRADE FAIR Opening (The Trade Fair will continue up to May 27, 2015)
Bogo Public Plaza

Bogo Sports Complex

Bogo Skating Rink
May 25, 2015
AGRI TRADE FAIR (Daily from 8am to 5pm until May 7, 2015)
Bogo Public Plaza

BRS NIGHT : Bogo Got Talent
Bogo Skating Rink
May 26, 2015

May 27, 2015
Photo Exhibit
Bogo Skating Rink

SBBA NIGHT:  Search for Little Prince and Princess for 2015
Bogo Skating Rink
May 28, 2015
LGBT Night:  Search for GARBOSA Mother and Child
Bogo Skating Rink

Some of these activities will be held for the first time in Bogo during fiestas, like the participation of LGBT community or the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders. They will be having their night on May 28, 2015 featuring the Search for Garbosa Mother and Child. The said activity will be lead by GARBOSA or the GAys ARound BOgo Solid Association which will also lead another activity earlier on May 17 called Alagad Paanyag and Bingo Sosyal.
The showdown of talents among the Government Employees in Bogo  both local (City and Province) and National will also be held for the first time. This will feature a Musical Presentations in groups, but I think this will exclude the teachers and educators since they will have their usual Teachers Night, DepEd night or Educators Night on May 2, 2015.  The students of CBSAA or the City of Bogo Science and Arts Academy will also show their talents on the educators night. CBSAA is a school founded by Honorable Mayor Celestino “Junie” Martinez Jr. for those children who have great potentials in Science and Arts.
Another first is the Inter-Clan Dance Contest which will be featured by the ABC Night on May 20. This is a showdown among original native Bogohanon Clans. This activities encourages Bogohanons who are now living in other places especially outside the Philippines to come home during fiesta.
Though the Bankarera is held annually, the addition of the DRAGON BOAT RACE on May 23 will be the first. As I’ve heard, the teams who will compete in this Dragon Boat Race are same teams who competes in National and International Competitions, if true, this will bring more tourist to Bogo.
Our generations are now healthy conscious that’s why Fun Runs, marathons and the likes are being held almost everywhere from time to time, but I think it’s the first time that Bogo Fiesta will feature Duathlon Sugbo Glow Fun Run and Paint Festival Invasion.
If things will push through as planned this will be the first time also that Bogo will held a mini-Woodstock style Band Showdown, this will be more entertaining to the young and music-inclined people. In recent developments regarding this, 5 or 6 bands are currently showing interest to join the showdown.
Well, in general, this coming fiesta is more fun with lots of new entertaining activities added other than the usual display of celebrities. The said activities, its scheduled time and date and venue is still subject to change at the discretion of the Fiesta Committee, the event organizers or the parties involved in response to certain circumstances that may arise.

We have also lined-up some religious activities for the fiesta Celebration:
Novena Mass will start also on May 18, 2015 until May 26, 2015 at 5:00pm.
May 17, 2015 Sunday – Free baptism for older children 5years old and above.
May 21, 2015 Thursday – Mass wedding for those living together for 5 years or more. (Civilly married couple are considered living together without Holy Matrimony by the Holy Roman Catholic Church.)
May 23, 2015 Saturday – Confirmation for children 12 years old and above to be officiated by Rev. Msgr. Rey Penagunda.
May 27, 2015 Wednesday – Fiesta!
     5:00am – Holy Mass
     6:30am – Holy Mass
     8:00am – Concelebrated Mass with Most Reverend Bishop Emilio Bataclan, D.D., auxiliary bishop of Cebu – north.
     10:00am – Concelebrated Mass with His Eminence Archbishop Jose S. Palma, Archbishop of Cebu.
     2:00pm – Holy Mass and Baptism
     3:00pm – Blessing of Devotees of Saint Vincent Ferrer
     4:00pm – Concelebrated Mass with Archbishop John Forrosuelo Du, D.D., Archbishop of Palo, Leyte
For more info on the religious activities, please visit the office of the Archdiocesan Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Super Typhoon Yolanda and Super Heroes

by Sheila F. Orcullo

Published on:
APRIL 2014 VOL. 4 NO. 1 16 PAGES

The name Yolanda will never be forgotten. It will forever be etched in my mind and soul. Yes, the super typhoon bearing the name wreaked havoc in my life and those of my fellow Bogohanons but I cannot also deny that heroes surfaced because of it.

While I was trying to be a rock to my family in the face of the storm, there were a few who left their own households to tend to the pressing needs of the people. Yes, they did it because of call of duty but still it took an enormous courage to leave their family behind just so they could attend first to the swelling panic among those constituents – panic that they themselves felt and swallowed in fear.

Take the case of the CSWD (/DSWD) personnel. Yes, it was their primary duty to provide relief assistance in the aftermath of a disaster but it was never written in their job functions and responsibilities to be caught in it with hundreds of people in a sports complex. In the attempt to feed the hungry mob, they became victims themselves. As was recounted to me, the force of the howling wind vibrated along the walls of the sports complex leaving trembling weary bodies in its wake. No matter how one tried to cover her ears to mute the thundering sound, it still penetrates and frightens. The rising fear and cries among the children and old alike prodded Amabelle Mayor, the City Social Welfare and Development Officer, to bring herself up and gather her wits together for the sake of those quaking minors and evacuees. She and her staff then distributed the food which could not sustain the hunger pangs felt which was made worse by stress and fear. They make do with whatever was available at that time given the hazard of going out of the complex to purchase food.

The distressed call of wounded evacuees can barely be heard in the noise of the thrashing roofs which left a gaping hole on the complex’ top when blown away. What was thought of as a safe haven, became a dangerous dwelling. Flying debris and fragments of broken glass caused people to run from one side of the court to another in attempt to evade the shrapnel. To unfortunate ones, the medical personnel came to the rescue. Dr. Minerva Millor, the City Health Officer, and along with her First Aid Team though shivering in cold had to administer first aid to the wounded.

As this chaos ensued and vibrated throughout the complex, City Mayor Junie Martinez tried to prop up the courage of everyone and tried to lend his presence for comfort and security. After the running frenzy around the court, he ended up inside the Comfort Room of the sports complex. This he would proudly announce to the relief good donors in the following weeks when the super typhoon finally left the country. He saw the hilarity of such a momentary weakness – a human frailty in the face of a powerful wrath of nature. By his side, Christian Kay Yurango branded the megaphone to keep order among the evacuees. His constant presence in the sports complex, which then became the disaster operation command center, giving order to the dispatching of relief goods to affected barangays under the supervision of Amabelle Mayor came at a precise moment. No one else aside from the DSWD personnel can muster enough strength and commitment to keeping an eye on the command center in behalf of the City Mayor.

As days went on and an avalanche of donations from many generous and kindhearted people from all walks of life both locally and abroad, the employees of the Bogo City government hand in hand tried to make a difference in the affected lives of fellow Bogohanons. Many went out of their own homes despite needing shelter assistance themselves just so they could help out in the repacking of tons of rice and thousands of boxes of canned goods for even distribution to the barangays.

Each one sweated out and flexed their muscles from the repacking until they were tied up neat and ready for dispatch. The men were seen to be staggering in the heavy weights of sacks of goods upon their shoulders but no word of complaint came out of their mouths. Every burden day in and day out was treated as a means of an escape from their own misery and trying to overpower its bitter taste with the goodness that these efforts bring to the desolate lives of their own people. Each day of toil and sweat in the succeeding weeks at the command center showed their will for self-sacrifice for the greater good of Bogohanons.

“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed”, this according to Bob Riley. Particularly in trying times like this. Thank God for heroes, the big kind or the small kind, say the survivors. Somehow it feels like a bit like heroes live and walk amongst us each day, especially in trying times. My salute to them all!


Monday, November 18, 2013

City of Bogo - After Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan

Bogo City had been severely by typhoon, Yolanda/Haiyan.  About 90% of the total households in Bogo were damaged by the raging Yolanda, girl what have you done to us. Electricity was down, about 80% of the power infrastructure in Bogo was damaged.

In our 1st general meeting with the City Mayor (Junie Martinez), the Bogo City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, and heads of key sectors in Bogo, CEBECO II's initial assessment result reveal that power will be restored late January of 2014 or early of February 2014.  But according to our sources, the main thoroughfares of Bogo, the Poblacion and public areas will be lighted first early December 2013 as a result of the help extended by CEBECO I and CEBECO III and other power cooperatives in the Visayas like Negros and Bohol.

Even the newly constructed City Hall and the Archdiocesan Shrine San Vicente Ferrer was not spared by the typhoon, but thanks to God and the intercession of Mother Mary and San Vicente Ferrer, most lives were saved, just a few fatalities and injuries.  City hall furnitures and laptops were flying out to the sugarcane plantation. There's one sofa from the City Hall that was thrown out of the window for about 300 meters away.

The new Bogo Sports Complex (Don Celestino Martinez Sports Center) was converted into an evacuation center a day before the typhoon.  And thanks to God a lot of people listen to the City Governments call to evacuate. But during the typhoon, even the evacuation center's roof was damaged and people are wailing and running to different directions. Children and elderly were crying, "is this the end of the world?" Everyone was terrified that a stampede will happen. Thanks again to God to our patron saint, only a few injuries.

The City Mayor was so sad that for how many years Bogo was trying to rise up above the rest of the Northern Cebu towns and have started to become the center of trade and industry and now back to rebuilding key infrastructures again.  On the other hand, he was happy that only a few lives were lost. 

Mayor Junie is still optimistic that prospected investors will still believe that more opportunities in Bogo. He still believe that Bogo will rise up again and fulfill its dream to be the center of trade and industry.

Padayon Bogo Padayon, ayaw paghunong, kay ang kalangitan nagdan-ag sa imong dalan.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Bogo City Hall is now open!

New Bogo Business District, Buac, Cayang, Bogo City, Cebu.

The New Bogo City Hall is now open for business. Yes, the Local Government of the City of Bogo is now operating in the New Bogo City Hall, sitting at a 6-hectare lot donated by Sra. Nilda Espinosa Martinez and Mr. Robie Hererra.

The said area is in the middle of more than a hundred hectare of flat lands planted with sugar cane and now being converted into a new commercial district. Many companies, entities and business groups are now showing interest already to invest and put up business establishments in the area. The first ever to own lot and will soon start constructing a mall is the Robinsons Land, Inc.

 Around the New City Hall will also rise more buildings that will house most, if not all service-oriented Government Agencies that will serve not only the people of Bogo and the neighboring towns, but also the neighboring provinces of Masbate and Leyte. 

This project is aimed at boosting economic activities in the City of Bogo and its neighboring towns. Mayor Junie Martinez started this project in 2009. Construction was stopped sometime in 2010 due to the flip-flopping of the Supreme Court decision on Bogo's cityhood status and 15 other LGUs. 

Starting last Monday, April 15, 2013, the New City Hall is now serving the people of Bogo. For inquiries, you can call the New City Hall at (032) 260-5310, 260-5311 and 260-5312. Then ask the operator to connect you to the Office that you wish to call.

Last April 16, 2013, Tuesday, the New Bogo City Hall was blessed followed by the Holy Mass officiated by Msgr. Isidro "Dhodong" Ullamot, Fr. Dave Jurcales, Fr. Jermaine Lecciones, Fr. Maning Tan, and a newly assigned priest in Bogo. The Inauguration will be on April 19, 2013 by no less than HIS EXCELLENCY BENIGNO S. AQUINO III, President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Please like also the New Bogo City Hall's Facebook page at

Photo courtesy of Eden Tagalog Diaz.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bogo City - New Cityhall Inauguration

City of Bogo, Cebu.

The new cityhall of Bogo is now being completed. The building itself is now 100% completed. Installation of airconditioning system, pabx system, LAN, queueing sytem and fire alarm (with water sprinkler) have just been completed.

Some works inside and within the vicinity is still nearing its completion like the installation of furnitures and fixtures and the upgrade of the lighting system to LED.

The inauguration is being scheduled to takes place within the 2nd week to the last week of March. No less than His Excellency Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III will lead the inauguration. The exact date of the inauguration is still being finalized by the presidential management staff and will be announced soon.

After the said inauguration, President Aquino will be in the Bogo City Sports Complex to meet all the City and Barangay Officials of Bogo City.  The City Government is hoping that the exact date for these activities will be finalize sooner so that the Bogo City Sports Complex can be used for  graduation ceremonies and other activities.

As of the moment, no other activities are being scheduled in the sports complex since all the remaining days of this month (March) are reserved for the coming of the President.

Friday, November 16, 2012

160k Ultra Marathon in Bogo City Participants

160k Ultra Marathon in Bogo City Participants

 The 160k Ultra Marathon is expecting 30 runners to join the race. This what the organizes said this afternoon during its briefing at the Bogo Lites Center right after the sumptuous dinner hosted by the City of Bogo LGU. This is because many of those who tried to register for the race were turned down. The organizers evaluated those who wanted to register and accepted only those who are capable for this hardcore marathon.

According to the marathon organizers, there is no cash prizes for this race, only medals, a buckle and t-shirts are at stake, and most of all, honor and fame.

160k Ultra Marathon in Bogo City Cebu

160k Ultra Marathon in Bogo City Cebu.

Yes, you read it right. Today, the local government of the City of Bogo will host once again an Ultra Marathon. The 160 Ultra Marathon or the so called Hardcore Hundred Miles Ultra Marathon will be in Bogo City.

An estimated 100 to 200 hardcore runners / athletes, support staff, marathon enthusiasts, physical fitness advocates and media men will be arriving today at the Bogo Lites Center in preparation for the said race that will commence at 1:00am, November 17, 2012 infront of the New Bogo City Hall, New Bogo Government Center and IT Park, Cayang, City of Bogo, Cebu.

At 12:00pm today, the runners and other visitors will have their welcome lunch at Bogo Lites Center hosted by City Mayor Celestino Junie Martinez, Jr. and other city officials.

The runners will arrive at the finishing line (still at the New City Hall of Bogo) on November 18, 2012, Sunday at 7:00 in the morning.

Cutoff  Time 1: 112 Kilometers (Borbon Municipal Hall)/ Twenty hours (Runners not able to make it in 20:00:00 hours / 9:00 PM November 17, 2012 will be declared DID NOT FINISH and will NO longer be allowed to continue). Registered pacers are allowed from this point on.

Cutoff  Time 2: 160 Kilometers /  Thirty hours (30:00:00 hours) after which the race shall be declared officially closed and all runners still on the course will declared DID NOT FINISH

Pre-race briefing: Bogo City Hall, 11:00 AM, November 16, 2012(Registered pacers are encouraged to join)

Race Route: Bogo-Medellin via Kawit-Daanbantayan via Maya-Bogo-Tabogon-Borbon-Sogod-Bogo via Central Nautical Highway (“EME”)


Race bibs and pre-race items will be given at the briefing.

Free sleeping quarters will be provided for starting November 16, 2012 ONLY for registered
participants and pacers.

Lunch will be served at the briefing ONLY for registered participants and pacers.

Breakfast will be provided for at the close of the race (7:00 AM November 18, 2012) ONLY for registered participants and pacers.

THIS IS A SEMI SELF-SUPPORTING RACE. All runners have the option for crew support or carry their own provisions for the duration of the race.

There will be only THREE time checkpoints/food  and hydration stations at ~ Kilometers 50, 80 and 112 respectively.  Drop bags will be allowed at the said points where runners can have access to their personal things. Additionally, there will be roving vehicles bearing water/food in different areas.

Pacers will be allowed (Only one per runner and only the registered pacer is allowed to do the pacing) from Kilometer 112 (Borbon Municipal Hall) onwards or starting at 5:00 PM, November 17 whichever comes first. At no point before this distance or designated time are pacers allowed.

All runners must have the mandatory gear such as headlamps/reflectorized vest that must be worn at the appropriate times.

Runners are encouraged to stay on the left side of the road, that is, facing the traffic whenever safe and applicable.

It is the the responsibility of the runners to be familiar with the race route and to look after the safety and welfare of their support crew, if any.

The event title speaks for itself.

The Race Director may, at any time, modify the race rules and/or course with the welfare of the runners as the utmost consideration.

The City of Bogo will host the meals for the athletes and race officials on:
Nov. 16, 2012 - Lunch
Nov. 17, 2012 - Lunch
Nov. 18, 2012 - Early Breakfast

(Race Information courtesy of

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bogo, an LRED Champion

GIZ and DTI is conducting today the National Forum on Local Regional Economic Development (LRED) with the theme "Accelerating Public and Private Partnerships for Competitiveness and Local Economic Development".

The City of Bogo, being identified by DTI  as LRED Champion, was invited to the forum with Mayor Junie Martinez as one of the resource speakers.  The entire Bogo team is compose of:
Mr. Carlo Fernando G.Logarta
  -City Planning and Dev. Officer, Bogo LRED Team Member
Mr. Julio S. Ursonal Jr.
  -City Treasurer, Bogo LRED Team Member
Mr. Dante J. Mayor
  -City Budget Officer, Bogo LRED Team Member
Hon. Jose Brainard Y.Mayol
  - SP member, Chair Com. on Brgy Affairs
Hon. Domingo Armenton
  - SP member, Com.on Trade & Industry and Infra.
Hon. Geronimo G.Almirante
  - SP member, Com. on Peace and Order
Mr. Joseph Lepon
  -City Administrator
Engr. Margie M. Oliamot
  -City Assessor

This activity will help attract more investors to the City of Bogo.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Barbecue Garden of the City of Bogo

The City Government of Bogo pushed the transfer of all barbecue stores from its original place near Gaisano at P.Rodriguez St. 

As we can recall when the Local Government moved the public market from that area to Cantecson in barangay Gairan, a new sports complex was built in that same area. 

And so barbecue business were established beside that sports complex filling the R.Fernan St. side of it.

When the barbecue stores grew more, in fact some of the new stores were established at M.H del Pilar St., near the famous gown rental of Tedy Oporto, the local government with the initiative of Mayor Junie Martinez transferred the barbecue stores to a new location beside Japers (Pards Hangout Disco & Restaurant before), it triggers a lot of contradiction among barbecue store owners and costumers. But it didn't last long since the transfer didn't cost much to the store owners since it was the local government who developed the place and Coca Cola built the barbecue stalls. Then the City Mayor who happens to be "parokyano" of the said "barbecuehan" noticed that people really comes to the barbecue stores, so he decided to improve the place by making it a barbecue garden and a plaza.

To make the long story short, the New Barbecue Garden/Plaza of the City of Bogo was inaugurated last September 29, 2012. The cutting of ribbon were led by Mayor Junie Martinez and Hon. councilor Belinda Rodriguez.

The evening was filled with music, laughter and partying. Mayor Junie Martinez invited the Femme Aura band of Rajah Park Hotel to perform in that small stage built at the center of the barbecue plaza. The employees of the city government of Bogo also formed a group of singers among themselves who also performed on that festive Saturday night with the Martinez Performing Scholars and other local dance group of the city.

Some of the prominent people who joined the occasion were Coca Cola officials, former congressman Tining Martinez, former Assoc. Justice Vicente L. Yap, city councilors Romeo Tinggoy Alarde, Geronimo Yoyong Almirante, Domy Armenton, Jose Brainard Digoy Mayol and TJ Labastida (SK). Also present were former San Vicente Brgy Capt. Virgie Rodrigo, former Vice Mayor and Legal Officer Atty. Vicente Rodriguez, department heads and employees of the city government, former Mun.Councilor Pociano Demiar, Dr. Valeriano Hortelano with his entire family, some barangay officials from different barangays of the city and some Korean and Italian guests.

In the middle of the occasion the crowd were surprised by the arrival of Businesswoman Rosemarie Gaisano and GMA7 stars Bella Padilla and Markki Stroem who just dropped by right after the Gaisano Bogo's Sakyanang Pangnegosyo Grand Raffle Draw.

Mayor Junie announced to the crowed that he will try his best to put up entertainment every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month in the new barbecue plaza so that Bogohanons will have a place where they can enjoy a good meal, with simple entertainment, good ambiance and a good conversation with family and friends.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

City of Bogo Charter Day - Special Non Working Holiday

The City of Bogo will celebrate its 5th Charter Day as a component city of the Province of Cebu.

Malacanan has declared this day a Special Non Working Holiday in the City of Bogo per Proclamation No. 378 which reads as follows:


     WHEREAS, Saturday, 16 June 2012 marks the Charter Day anniversary of the City of Bogo.

     WHEREAS, it is but fitting and proper that the people of the City of Bogo be given full opportunity to celebrate and participate in the occasion with appropriate ceremonies.

     NOW, THEREFORE, I, PAQUITO N. OCHOA JR., Executive Secretary, by the authority of His Excellency, BENIGNO S. AQUINO III, do hereby declare Saturday, 16 June 2012, as special (non-working) day in the City of Bogo.

     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.

     Done in the City of Manila this 10th day of May, in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twelve.

                                                                       By Authority of the President

                                                                                   [ SIGNED ]                                                                        PAQUITO N. OCHOA JR.
                                                                       Executive Secretary

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bogo Hosts Halad sa Kabataan

Vice-Governor Agnes Magpale graced the fourth year celebration of HALAD SA KABATAAN hosted by the City of Bogo last September 8, 2011. Children of twelve (12) to seventeen (17) years from the eight municipalities and lone city in the fourth district of Cebu competed in singing and guitar duet contests.

The event served as the elimination round where the top two (2) performers get to represent their respective city/municipality and compete in a provincial extravaganza scheduled on the Children’s Month - October of this year at the Cebu International Convention Center.

Representatives from the City of Bogo and the Municipality of San Remigio emerged victorious with the Bogo performer winning the top prize in singing and the second prize in the guitar duet. San Remigio had the best guitar duet team and copped the runner-up prize for the singing contest.

“The winners will undergo further screening and training as the organizers want to showcase music from Cebuano Artists for the provincial talent show.” said Amabelle Mayor, department Head of the City Social Welfare and Development Office. Her department assumed the hosting duties for the HALAD SA KABATAAN event.

HALAD SA KABATAAN is an initiative of Vice Governor Agnes Magpale which she began to implement when she was still a member of the Provincial Board (Cebu Province). Bogo City’s Mayor Celestino Martinez was also present at the event.

Champagne Tepan and Miss Capangpangan of San Remigio were chosen to represent the 4th district in the Provincial Contest. The two were able to perform in the said Halad sa Kabataan singing contest but were not able to get any prize, however they performed well in the said event. Below is the video of Miss Tepan's actual performance in the said contest:

Our suggestion to the organizers of the Halad sa Kabataan (2011), the people who conducted the workshop to the contestants should not have been chosen as the members of the board of judges. Without prejudice to those who won, for delicadeza's sake, they should have stayed away from judging the contest proper since they were the one who conducted the "workshop daw" where they vocally express favoritism in favor of some contestants who happens to be students of their  school of music. In the eyes of the trainers of those children, it seems that you can only have a chance to win if you are studying in their school of music.

The Provincial Government should look into things like this, because some LGUs  are now discouraged to join any contests for doubt of "Lutong Makaw".

OCTOBER 2011 VOL. 1 NO. 2

Monday, April 16, 2012


The Public Employment Service Office (PESO) - Bogo sent thirty-one (31) Bogohanons to Cebu Mitsumi, Inc in Danao on August 19, 2011 while it sent a total of thirteen(13) to Dubai, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait on August 20, 2011.

Cebu Mitsumi, Inc. conducted a Special Recruitment Activity (SRA) in Bogo. At least fifty three applicants took the written exam and interview. Thirty-one were hired on the spot.

Al-Alamiah International Services also came to the city to conduct SRA for employment abroad as caregivers and domestic helpers. Most of those hired were female applicants in their 20s to early 30’s.

According to PESO Designate Officer, Elvira S. Cueva, her office announced the SRA through the local radio, DYCM, and through the barangay captains. Applications pending on file were also retrieved and applicants were called through their contact numbers. She encouraged all those in the job market to send in applications so they can be assisted in finding the right job as there will be more SRAs coming. - ROU

OCTOBER 2011 VOL. 1 NO. 2

Sunday, April 15, 2012

City of Bogo: POLAMBATO has Region VII’s Most Outstanding BNS

Marilyn A. Melendres, 44, of Polambato was adjudged the Regional Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar (ROBNS) in Region 7 by the National Nutrition Council. She received a trophy and a cash award of P8,000.00. The citation made her advance to vie for the National Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar (NOBNS).

Every year BNSs with outstanding performance at the provincial, city and regional levels are selected by the Provincial/ City/Regional Evaluation Teams which are composed of representatives from Department of Health (DOH), National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Population Commission (PopCom), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

This year the BNS awarding ceremony was held during the BNS Congress on August 5, 2011 at the Parklane Hotel in Cebu City. Marilyn hails from Polambato, and is married with four children. Even without a college education, Marilyn has consistently demonstrated exemplary competence in her work. She met all the targets and submitted all her properly accomplished reports on time and the visual charts hanging on the walls of the Barangay Nutrition office are updated.

In more than two years as BNS – she has shown a rare commitment to her duties, unusual resourcefulness in accomplishing her tasks, the ability to learn as well as impart new skills, keen intellect and leadership qualities that earned for her the privilege of minimum supervision.

For all these credits to herself, undoubtedly she deserved to be cited as the Regional Oustanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar. - SMinguez

OCTOBER 2011 VOL. 1 NO. 2

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bogo City Health Office Holds dengue and HGH Primer

Bogo’s City Health Office held a two hour activity at the City Session Hall last August 22, 2011; the event was an information drive for awareness of Dengue and maximizing a child’s height potential.

Attended barangay health workers from all over the city and the representatives of different city hall departments, Dr. Minerva Millor – via a video presentation laid out the facts people need to know about Dengue focusing on the areas of – transmission, communicability, identifying the carrier, recognizing the symptoms, supportive care options and preventive measures. This was the local health office’s initial response to the rising cases of dengue reported nationwide.

The presentation on Dengue was followed by another and this one was a guide on how to ensure that a child’s growth is optimized – this time touching on the relationship of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to the puberty stage of a human being; including the nutrients and activities to support a child at this stage of development.

OCTOBER 2011 VOL. 1 NO. 2

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