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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Buenaventura "Tura" Rodriguez, A Great Bogohanon, A Great Cebuano

Buenaventura Rodriguez, a former Governor of Cebu, a great Cebuano Playwright, a great Bogohanon whom our young generation should be proud of.  Most of us Bogohanon may have forgotten him since it was his uncle, "Don Pedro Rodriguez" whom we dedicated a day for honoring.

It was December 30, 2017 while celebrating Rizal Day, the students from the City of Bogo Science and Arts Academy presented one of Buenaventura Rodriguez artworks. Then it came to me that he is really a great and brilliant man but I wonder if  the young generation knows him. I wonder if the young Bogohanons noticed his great and wonderful contributions to culture and the arts, as well as to public governance.

It was then that I stumbled upon an article written by Clarence Paul Oaminal for CEBUPEDIA and was published in  the FREEMAN (The Philippine Star) last June 2, 2014.  Let me re-post here the said article.

It is the street starting at corner V. Rama Avenue and ends at the Fuente Rotunda. Situated along the street is the more than a hundred year old provincial hospital then known as the Southern Island Hospital now called the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

Buenaventura Rodriguez, born on July 14, 1892 in Bogo, was son of spouses Don Filomeno Rodriguez and Doña Ana Perez. Don Filomeno (Buenaventura's father) is the brother of Don Pedro Rodriguez and Don Celestino. The siblings of Buenaventura, fondly called as TURA, were Ignacio (who became a judge and mayor of Medellin) and Luz.

Buenaventura, went to the Colegio de San Carlos, also at the Ateneo De Manila and the Escuela de Derecho. He was elected member of the provincial board of the province of Cebu in 1921 to 1925. He was also elected as representative of the old first district of Cebu in 1931.  In 1934 he was elected as representative of the old seventh district.

He was elected as governor of Cebu on December 14, 1937, defeating his friend and literary fellow, Don Vicente Y. Sotto of the Frente Popular. He was the governor of Cebu when the provincial Capitol was inaugurated on June 14, 1938. His board members in the 1937 election, confirmed by Pres. Manuel L. Quezon on December 29, 1937 under Executive Order No. 133 series of 1937, were Vicente Lozada (mayor of Dumanjug, later elected as congressman of the old sixth district of Cebu) and Manuel Roa (later became governor of Cebu).

Buenaventura was one of the great Cebuano playwrights like Piux Kabajar, Vicente Sotto, and Florentino Borromeo.  Among the many plays written by Buenaventura were the Cebuano Zarsuela "Mini" and "Lili". Another play he wrote was "El Muneco Roto" and "La Adjusta Leja de la Vaguada," which was made into a movie.

He was the recipient of the "Premio Zobel" (named after Don Enrique Zobel, an advocate of Spanish literature) in 1924 for his novel La Pugna. Another masterpiece was "Salisang."
Freeman ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch:

Buenaventura died on December 9, 1940, hours before the day of his reelection on December 10, 1940. He was replaced by Hilario "Dodong" Abellana, who campaigned only for hours, and won against Mariano Mercado, the candidate of Don Mariano Jesus Cuenco, while Tura was an Osmeñista.

Let us remember Governor Buenaventura "Tura" Rodriguez as we pass by the street named after him, let us thank him for the contributions he gave to Cebu, in public governance, arts, and literature. 

More articles on Buenaventura Rodriguez: 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Camella Bogo Soon To Rise

Camella Bogo will soon rise at our new business district, northwest side of the new Bus Terminal built by Robinsons through the access road going to barangay Cayang from the national highway.

Camella Bogo is a 17 hectare project by Vista Land, the first of the giants and leaders in the real estate development that came to Bogo.

Camella Bogo

As builders of top quality yet affordable housing in the Philippines, Camella has an enviable reputation. With 40 years and counting, Camella has already built more than 400,000 homes in 39 provinces, and 104 cities and municipalities across the country.

Dream communities, convenience and accessibility, safety and security, wise investments, and, affordability and value for money are Camella’s pillar and advantage.

Camella Bogo will feature the Easy Homes Series units. Right now they are still at the site development planning phase and they intent to finish it by October this year.  However, they have started to aggressively market their featured home units and now accepting letter of intents (LOI) and reservation fees.

Having Camella in Bogo will provide opportunity for our people to earn by becoming real estate sellers themselves. It will also entice other people to live in Bogo and contribute to the fast growing economic activities in the our city.

You may be interested to see for yourself the featured home units of Camella Bogo, feel free to visit and like:

By promoting Camella Bogo, we are also indirectly promoting our beautiful city. Padayon Bogo, padayon!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SongWriting Workshop in the City of Bogo - FREE.

The City of Bogo is among the pioneering cities for the first Songwriting Campaign and Workshop series project. A project by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Cebu Provincial Office in coordination with Artist Ko Multi-Purpose Cooperative featuring Cebuano artists and experts to mentor emerging talents all over the province.

The Creative Industry has been one of the priority thrusts for DTI to continually push for development and sustainable competitiveness in the global market, especially Cebu – the home to many creative individuals and players of the industry. The Local Music industry particularly the Visayan Music is among the most promising and yet untapped sector of the region.

The songwriting workshop series will tap songwriters and creative individuals in the different areas of the Province of Cebu and capacitate them with the necessary knowledge and skillset to deliver globally competitive song pieces. The workshop sessions will serve as product development phase for the creatives in designing the appropriate music and lyrics in the local dialect and produce competitive songs ready to be launched to the market through the VISPOP 6.0. Furthermore this activity will also bring out the informal settlers in the ecosystem and encourage them to become more relevant stakeholders of the industry.

The City of Bogo leg is fully supported by the City Mayor Atty. Carlo Jose Martinez and the City Government of Bogo. It will be a whole day workshop on the 14 October 2017, Saturday at 8:00am to 5:00pm, New City Hall Bldg. It will be facilitated by a set of skilled resource persons featuring Cebu’s creative experts.

The Visayan music is gradually gaining traction in its awareness and appreciation campaign, and with our combined efforts we look forward to preparing Cebu become more competitive and relevant in the global music industry.

The City Mayor believed that a lot of talented Bogohanons are still out there about to be discovered. We are inviting you who have the talent and passion to write songs (especially the youth) to join this workshop and unleash your hidden talent. PADAYON BOGO!

Friday, July 21, 2017

City of Bogo First Run Against Illegal Drugs - Dagan Kontra Druga

Bogo Police Station in cooperation with the City Government of Bogo will held the first DAGAN KONTRA DROGA (Run Against Illegal Drug) on August 13, 2017.

By joining this run, we are saving lives and supporting our drug surrenderers in their journey to freedom from the use of illegal drugs. Our drug surrenderers have undergone (and many are still undergoing) the ReRe or the Reintegration and Rehabilitation Program. A community based rehabilitation program for drug surrenderers in the City of Bogo.

Let us help our police force and the City Government in their effort to renew the lives of drug users.

City of Bogo officially declared first drug-free city in Central Visayas

The City of Bogo was declared first drug-free city in Central Visayas. Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 7 Regional Director Yogi Filemon Ruiz personally distributed the certificates to each of the 29 barangays of the City of Bogo who all obtained drug-cleared status during the ceremony conducted at the Cebu Provincial Capitol on July 20, 2017.

During the ceremony, at least 11 barangays in the neighboring San Remigio town also received their Certificate of Drug Cleared Barangay which now make the total number of drug-free barangays in Cebu to 160 while all other 1,066 are still affected by illegal drugs.

The declaration of a drug free barangay is a long process, the Oversight Committee on Barangay Drug Clearing Operation of PDEA 7 has to follow a lot of validation protocols and processes. 

Ruiz expressed hope that more villages will be declared drug-free. "There are those who fail to meet the requirements, maybe because of the failure to exert more efforts in the intensified campaign illegal drugs. And maybe they never do anything about the drug problem in their communities. But there are some who had complied, and will comply,” he said.

City of Bogo Mayor Atty Carlo Jose Martinez said that there is no secret formula for making an entire city be declared drug cleared. It only takes team work and contribution from all sectors in the community. He said that even students in the community based drug rehabilitation program can be warriors against illegal drugs by simply spreading the word on the menace brought by it (illegal drugs).

Also present during the ceremonial declaration were the officials of the declared drug-free barangays, Bogo Police Station Chief PSupt. Byron F. Allatog, Mayor Mariano Martinez of San Remigio, Gov. Hilario Davide III, Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale, Cebu Anti Drug Abuse Office head Carmen Remedios Durano Meca, DILG Central Visayas Head Rene Burdeos and PRO-7 director Chief Supt. Jose Mario Espino.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Bogo Recognized for Its Contribution to Run2Plant for Greenin Philippines

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) presented a Certificate of Recognition to the City of Bogo in recognition for its strong support to RAFI's Run2Plant for GREENIN Philippines program by planting 49,045 trees from 2011 to 2015 and its continued commitment to grow trees for the conservation of the environment.

Last July 1, 2017 the City Bogo in its 7th Run2Plant for Greenin Philippines planted additional 10,200 seedlings of Bogo Tree, Narra, Cebu Cinnamon, Molave, Guyabano and Coffee at Bliss, Barangay Lapaz, City of Bogo.

Deputy Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer Atty. Ahmad Clay Escolar, a young Bogohanon said that it's Bogo's contribution to the 50 Million trees to be planted in 10 years in the entire province.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pacific Angel 2017 Humanitarian Relief Activities in the City of Bogo

The Philippine leg of Pacific Angel 2017 with team members from the Philippines, US, Fiji, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia conducted humanitarian activities in the City of Bogo and the town of San Remigio.

Over the course of ten days, the military personnel team of Pacific Angel in  conjunction with the local governments of Bogo and San Remigio, schools and community members conducted expert exchanges, completed electrical, plumbing and repairs of schools and health centers, and provided dental, optometric, pediatric, physical therapy and general health care to the people of northern Cebu.

They have attended to over 6,000 patients in Libertad Elementary School (Bogo) and Anapog Integrated School (San Remigio).

During the closing ceremony hosted by the City of Bogo at barangay Libertad last July 3, 2017, Major General Eifert said, “These efforts are a visible expression of the United States’ commitment to the Indo-Asia Pacific region and demonstrate our continuing resolve to support international disaster and humanitarian relief efforts in this region. Likewise, this event highlights the importance that the United States places in our steadfast relationship with the Philippines.”

The closing ceremony included cultural performances, certificate presentations, and remarks from Major General James Eifert from the US Pacific Air Forces, Brigadier General Alan Arrojado from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and Mayor Carlo Martinez and Vice-Mayor Mayel Martinez of the City of Bogo.

See related story at the City Government of Bogo's website.

Friday, July 7, 2017

2 Class Rooms Turned Over in the City of Bogo

The University of Cebu - METC and Redemptorists in Philippines turned over a one-story 2 classroom building to Don Celestino Martinez Taytayan Integrated School last June 2, 2017.

According to its School Head, Evelyn Montilla, the classrooms are now being used by senior high school students taking up maritime, bread and pastry, cookery, and housekeeping.

This joint initiative project of University of Cebu – METC and the Redemptorist Church is part of their active response to affected and devastated areas brought by the typhoon Yolanda in November 2013.

See related news at Cebu Daily News website. Photo courtesy of CDN.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

City of Bogo and DICT will Conduct the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training for FREE.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) in cooperation with the City Government of Bogo through the Information and Technology Office will conduct the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training for FREE.

All interested applicants must be:
1. A Filipino citizen;
2. Must be at least college or vocational level;
3. Has basic skills in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
4. At least 18 years old;
5. Must submit 2 of the following: NBI/Police Clearance, Barangay Clearance and Cedula, Postal ID, birth certificate or previous school ID within one-year from its validity, Driver’s License, and other government issued ID;
6. Must accomplish the Applicant’s Form with photo and signature;
7. Submit the original and photocopy of trainings and seminars attended;
8. Priority is given to unemployed or underemployed applicants;
9. Persons with Disability (PWDs) are welcome to apply.

This training will equip the trainees with various skills that they can use for  applying for a job or establishing their own business. The modules for this training are:

1. Branding for Companies, Products and Services
2. Web Development
3. Product Photography and Content Writing
4. CRM and Email Follow Through
5. Data Privacy Law, Cybercrime Law and Digital Marketing Ethics
6. Social Media Content Planning and Calendar
7. Business Blogging
8. Social Media Content Creation
9. Building Freelancer Profile.

Interested individuals must apply not later than 12 Noon of July 10, 2017. They may contact Mr. Roger Tonacao at 0917 380 2399 or at 260 5310 local 325.

Rural Impact Sourcing looks to generate economic and social impacts through the use of ICT, pushing access to digital markets and Rural BPO’s as tools for job creation

[Image courtesy of ICT Office and City of Bogo.]

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Three Brand New Ambulances for the City of Bogo

The Local Government of the City of Bogo purchased 3 brand new 3.0L Diesel Toyota Hiace ambulances.

With this newly acquired vehicles, we have increased the availability of emergency ambulances for life saving and critical incidents, a big step towards the establishment of an emergency medical service that will provide out-of-hospital acute care and transport for patients with a medical emergency.

According to the City Mayor, Atty. Carlo Jose A. Martinez, these ambulances will serve the constituents of the City of Bogo FOR FREE. These ambulances are set to go after all documents and papers with the Land Transportation Office are in order.

Photo courtesy of the City Government of Bogo Official FB Page at

Friday, October 14, 2016

City of Bogo - Usapang Gulayan and Bamboo Cultivation Training

Bamboo Cultivation and Propagation Training.

The City of Bogo through the Bogo LiTeS Center (a TESDA accredited Training Center operated by
the Local Government Unit of the City of Bogo) will conduct training on Bamboo Cultivation and Propagation Training on October 18-19 (from 8:30am to 5:00pm).

There will be a demonstration in making bamboo as souvenir and gift items. Registration fee is FREE.

The City Government does not only aim at giving its constituents a livelihood but bamboo also plays a great role in climate change mitigation. According to the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) as published on its website one of bamboo's many attributes which makes it a useful resources for humanity is its ability to grow fast. This is an indication that bamboo has a high ability of capturing and sequestering atmospheric and consequently mitigates climate change. (Please see separate article on bamboo at According to US former Vice President Al Gore, if all people in the world will plant a single bamboo tree, the effect of global warming will be mitigated.

#BubDTI #CapabilityBuilding #BambooEnthusiast #Farmers #Garbosa #PWD #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming

Usapang Gulayan

Yesterday, October 13, 2016, East-West Seed Philippines in partnership with the City Government of
Bogo through the Office of the City Agriculture conducted "USAPANG GULAYAN" to farmers associations from the different barangays.

East-West Seed represented by Maximo Aviles discussed new farming techniques and handed out samples of seedlings from their company. The event was open to all who are interested in farming and learning more about agriculture.


Friday, September 9, 2016



Sometime in June 2016, I was privileged to have a casual conversation with the newly elected Mayor of Bogo City, Atty Carlo Jose A. Martinez while waiting for Mayor Junie Martinez at their residence in Taytayan, Bogo City, Cebu.

Mayor Carlo, being a basketball enthusiast told me that he dreamed of holding an Inter Barangay Basketball League in the City of Bogo that will culminate during fieasta season every month of May. He wanted to give to the young people of Bogo something to look forward to and make themselves busy on their free time.  He wanted to make sure that all 29 barangays of Bogo will create their team and join the league. He even want it to be a regular event every year.

Matud pa niya nga makahatag gyud kinig kalingawan dili lang sa mga batan-on kondili sa mga lumulupyo sa Bogo in general. Makatabang pa gayud kini nga malikay ang mga batan-on sa droga ug mga bisyo kay malingaw naman unya silag duwa  ug sa pangandam alang sa ilang mga duwa. Pinaagi sab kuno niini, daku pud chance ang Bogo nga modaug ug mo top sa mga sports events sa probinsya o sa rehiyon. Kadtong mga batan-on nga maningkamot nga mahimong maayong laking mga players, makatabang ni sa ilaha nga makalampus sila sa ilang pangtungha sa kolihiyo pinaagi sa scholarship grants nga mahatag sa mga universities tungod sa ilang pagka Basketball player.

Since last August he made the necessary preparations to ensure the holding of this event (and of other sports events also). He also commissioned Hon. Noel Seno, Sangguniang Panglunsod Chairman on Sports to prepare, draft and suggest the ground rules as well as people that will help in holding the league.

Mayor Carlo is looking forward to start the league before year 2016 ends. So as long as everything is in order, he will then set the date for the opening of the league.

Padayon Bogo, padayon!

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