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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inquirer features Capitancillo Islet

Capitancillo: Cebu's new ocean leisure spot.

As a Bogohanon, I am very proud of our diving spot in Bogo, of which recently was featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer with the title: "Capitancillo: Cebu's new ocean leisure spot."

The article talks about the short story about Capitancillo islet and why it becomes Cebu's new ocean leisure spot.

Capitancillo is an islet within the territorial jurisdiction of the City of Bogo, northern tip of Cebu Island and is considered one of Cebu's ocean leisure spot. And that is why the local government is promoting and protecting this islet and ensures its preservation including its surroundings.

According to the website, the official website of the Philippine Coast Guard, Capitancillo is one of the operating light stations in the country. The islet hosts a solar-powered lighthouse and weather observation post built in the ruins of an American prewar structure that was replaced
by a 25-meter cylindrical tower in the 1905s.

Capitancillo is filled with rich and valuable coastal and marine resources. Thus, it was declared a marine sanctuary and diving destination noting its potentials and it is now a haven for divers.

It has three dive sites - Ormoc Shoal, Nuñez Shoal and its own southwest wall. The sites have shallow reef tops at 33 feet leading to drop-offs with soft corals, gorgonian sea fans, caves and black corals.

Capitancillo Islet can be reached from four jump-off points in Bogo City, 101 kilometers from Cebu City and a three-hour travel by bus. These are Polambato Port (45-minute boat ride), Nailon Wharf (30-minute), Marangog Cove (15 to 20-minute) and Odlot Hideaway (15 to 20-minute).

Rental for a pumpboat that can accommodate at most 15 people is from P1,000 to P2,000. Day huts can be rented at P200 for whole-day use.

Although there is no diving operator in the islet, three certified divers collect only P100 each for foreign clients and P50 for locals.

Please go to the original article posted in the Philippine Daily Inquirer website to read more about this.

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