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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SongWriting Workshop in the City of Bogo - FREE.

The City of Bogo is among the pioneering cities for the first Songwriting Campaign and Workshop series project. A project by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Cebu Provincial Office in coordination with Artist Ko Multi-Purpose Cooperative featuring Cebuano artists and experts to mentor emerging talents all over the province.

The Creative Industry has been one of the priority thrusts for DTI to continually push for development and sustainable competitiveness in the global market, especially Cebu – the home to many creative individuals and players of the industry. The Local Music industry particularly the Visayan Music is among the most promising and yet untapped sector of the region.

The songwriting workshop series will tap songwriters and creative individuals in the different areas of the Province of Cebu and capacitate them with the necessary knowledge and skillset to deliver globally competitive song pieces. The workshop sessions will serve as product development phase for the creatives in designing the appropriate music and lyrics in the local dialect and produce competitive songs ready to be launched to the market through the VISPOP 6.0. Furthermore this activity will also bring out the informal settlers in the ecosystem and encourage them to become more relevant stakeholders of the industry.

The City of Bogo leg is fully supported by the City Mayor Atty. Carlo Jose Martinez and the City Government of Bogo. It will be a whole day workshop on the 14 October 2017, Saturday at 8:00am to 5:00pm, New City Hall Bldg. It will be facilitated by a set of skilled resource persons featuring Cebu’s creative experts.

The Visayan music is gradually gaining traction in its awareness and appreciation campaign, and with our combined efforts we look forward to preparing Cebu become more competitive and relevant in the global music industry.

The City Mayor believed that a lot of talented Bogohanons are still out there about to be discovered. We are inviting you who have the talent and passion to write songs (especially the youth) to join this workshop and unleash your hidden talent. PADAYON BOGO!

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