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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bogo City: Is this a good idea?

Bogo City: Is this a good idea?
March 18, 2011

Bogo is a rich place, full of resources and raw materials. It is the best place for business and establishments. But Bogo, I believe, will never be economically independent if it is not declared as a city.

Bogo cityhood, though, is one of the hottest and most talked-about issue around the place. Every person has his own stand about this issue. Some may say that it is best for Bogo to stay as a town. And others may say that they prefer it as a city. Because of this, arguments and sub-issues arise. Many people were affected, especially the young ones. Confusions form, “what will I call Bogo, city or town?” Yes, this is really happening, and I admit that I am one of those confused people. The changes of the decisions the Supreme Court has made, the different views of the people, they are all head-cracking! So if you ask me what my stand is, I stand for Bogo as a city.

The cityhood of Bogo is indeed very important because it is a sign of prosperity and success as a whole, not to mention the opportunities that await us after the proclamation. Consider this, when Bogo becomes a city, it opens a lot of business opportunities for businessmen and entrepreneurs. It also allows a number of universities to branch out here in our place. If that happens, many people will be benefited. There will be many vacancies in many working positions, and there will be more standardized schools. Is that not a good idea?

As what I have mentioned earlier, Bogo is a rich place. It would be a waste for a rich place to stay as a town. Think about our resources, how can we preserve and show it to the world if we remain small? What about our raw materials, will we just remain supplying other cities raw materials? Why can’t we use those materials for our own? Do you prefer to wait and make it rot? No! Bogo is so blessed to have these things. We must show it to the world and be proud of it. Our resources are like our talents, if you practice much for it and show that you have the guts, you can succeed. Just like Charice Pempengko, she had the voice and the talent. And she showed that she had the will to make every Filipino proud. Now, she is an international singer and heads-up to be a Filipino. But if you keep this talents to yourself, eventually, it will fade up. And Bogo is just like that! Reflect Bogohanons, would you wait for Bogo to get rotten or fade up?

There are many reasons why some people stops Bogo from rising. And one of these, in general, is politics. “Man is, by nature, a political animal,” according to Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher who became the mentor of the greatest world conqueror, Alexander the Great. What separates man from an animal is the ability of man to think, give and articulate his reason. Man can be the best animal when he uses his intellect and acts as a beast when overshadowed by his passion. As a political animal, each has his own role to partake of in the society. We are surrounded by best minds in the city. All are intellectuals, how come that we are still struggling as a town? What goes wrong? Some politicians want to keep Bogo for themselves. They see Bogo as a great place, a good source for money, and the best site for business. But since they are not holding Bogo yet, they keep it from growing. By this, I can conclude that they want Bogo to grow only when their names will be put to frame as this happens. Keeping Bogo from growing only shows that they are self-interested. They never really care about impressing anyone, as long as they hold the power, it doesn’t matter.

Well, “man is born free, but everywhere, he is in chain,” says Jean Jacques Roussueau, a naturalist philosopher. We can do anything we want, we can even colonize a nation, as long as we hold the power. Men are unequal in strength and cunning, but that would not give them the license to dominate others because the motive for such domination is lacking. The strongest in the state of nature has no right but only might in his side, and it lasts only as long as their strength endures. Power fades, and everything we do is limited. I believe, I hope and I pray that they will never succeed. God is always guiding Bogo and through the help of our very patient and active mayor, we will succeed. A good leader produces a good state. But a good leader paired with cooperative people produces a good, united and strong city. And Bogo will be that kind of city, a city richer than ever and a city which is economically independent to others, instead, other cities will be dependent to Bogo. We have already reached a few steps, let us add a few more until we get to the top. Striving is not easy. Trying is a word we cannot measure because it needs confidence and faith. We must keep on walking without losing our tracks and contact to the ground. Bogo, strive to try your best and reach the stars above. Believe in God and show them that you can make this. Yes, you can!

Volume 1 No. 1, July 2011

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