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Saturday, October 1, 2011


by: Unabia Ron Jacob

March 18, 2011

“This is my quest to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.”
This is the line from a classic song, “Impossible Dream”, a song that will likely describe the determination of Bogo to become a city.

The Supreme Court has recently reversed its decision of blocking Bogo’s dream to become a city. In other words, Bogo is a city again. Lucky break for the Bogohanons. Once more, a seemingly elusive dream has turned into reality.

This is the fifth time that the SC changed its decision. In 2007, after majority of Bogohanons voted yes in a plebiscite for cityhood, the Supreme Court approved and called Bogo a City. But more than a year later, the court reviewed the case and eventually took back its vindication of the cityhood of Bogo. Then, the League of cities, an organization of 16 municipalities which aspires to become a city and is spearheaded by our very own mayor Celestino Martinez Jr. , appealed and got the nod of SC once more. Later, the Court had changed its ruling again, saying that Bogo does not deserve to become a City. A decision that led to another appeal and finally the Supreme Court, which has the characteristics of the weather, has approved, to the strongest sense of the word, the City of Bogo as well as the other municipalities that compromised the league of Cities.

A roller coaster ride indeed. But it only shows the willingness of Bogo to become a City. The effort was there and it was rewarded, which is though not perfect, still sweet.
But the question is, does Bogo deserve to become a City?

For me, it’s about time to be one. Population is growing and Bogohanons need work and through this, we can get so many opportunities. Bogo’s income will increase thus resulting to improvements. We have the qualifications to become a city and I think it is just to become one.

We can see the unity of Bogohanons in its desire for cityhood. It is evident in the plebiscite held last 2007. The longing to become a city is superior thus inspiring the Bogo Government to work hands-on to give the suffix “City” to its name.

The sad thing is, some of us are pessimistic. They only see the cons of becoming a city and are not taking a look at the pros. Yes, we all have different stands about the issue but some Bogohanons should realize that this is for their own good.

But despite of that, we will see the positive effect of Bogo Cityhood one of these days. In fact, some of it is already visible to our naked eye and there’s still more to come. The government has done its job and though there were obstacles along the way, the determination kept the flame of hope burning. Now we can start our very much awaited desire to have forward.

As the song goes, To dream the impossible dream”, the seemingly impossible dream has indeed turned into reality and like the line written in Supreme Court’s decision, it’s final and executor.

Volume 1 No. 1, July 2011

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