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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bogo, an LRED Champion

GIZ and DTI is conducting today the National Forum on Local Regional Economic Development (LRED) with the theme "Accelerating Public and Private Partnerships for Competitiveness and Local Economic Development".

The City of Bogo, being identified by DTI  as LRED Champion, was invited to the forum with Mayor Junie Martinez as one of the resource speakers.  The entire Bogo team is compose of:
Mr. Carlo Fernando G.Logarta
  -City Planning and Dev. Officer, Bogo LRED Team Member
Mr. Julio S. Ursonal Jr.
  -City Treasurer, Bogo LRED Team Member
Mr. Dante J. Mayor
  -City Budget Officer, Bogo LRED Team Member
Hon. Jose Brainard Y.Mayol
  - SP member, Chair Com. on Brgy Affairs
Hon. Domingo Armenton
  - SP member, Com.on Trade & Industry and Infra.
Hon. Geronimo G.Almirante
  - SP member, Com. on Peace and Order
Mr. Joseph Lepon
  -City Administrator
Engr. Margie M. Oliamot
  -City Assessor

This activity will help attract more investors to the City of Bogo.

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