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Friday, March 30, 2012


Hon. Belinda N. Rodriguez
OCTOBER 2011 VOL. 1 NO. 2

Now that the economic engine for Bogo’s growth and development is on the move, our city’s future looks bright. The development in what is now called the “new Bogo City” in the economic zone augurs well for our people. Bogo will no longer be a totally agricultural economy as this new economic zone will be home to commercial and industrial centers, as well as a port that will be the pride of the northern part of Cebu province. Already, a new city hall and a housing project named the “Teachers’ Village” are in the works. A master development plan has been commissioned by the city government so we could have a holistic approach in planning our city. Needless to say, we welcome this new phase in our city’s quest for progress and prosperity as it will mean more jobs for our people and more opportunities for a better life for all Bogohanons.

But in the process of industrialization and commercialization, we should bear in mind that we also have a responsibility to take care of the environment. We should therefore see to it that in giving in to these developments we are assured that our seas, mountains, trees and the rest of the natural  environment are not destroyed.

We should invite for investments only environmentally – friendly industries and businesses that are willing to help protect our environment. Our city has already initiated a massive tree planting activity and this is a very good start. The city council has also sponsored several ordinances and resolutions aimed at protecting the natural environment like regulating the opening of quarries, banning the capture and sale of the humble “kaka” or spider and requiring graduating students to plant ten trees each as a requisite for graduation. There are ordinances too for the protection of our bird and fi sh sanctuaries. In developing Capitancillo Island, we kept as much as possible its natural beauty since we want to promote Bogo as an eco-cultural tourism destination. The city council is also monitoring reclamation projects and oil exploration in our city.

Funding has also been given by the city government to our coastal barangays to rehabilitate their mangrove areas. It is therefore imperative on our part that before we reclaim portions of our seas, or give the go-signal to oil companies to explore our waters or permits to quarries, we should see to it first that these activities do not have a negative impact on our environment.

Too much human activity, according to a study, causes environmental problems such as pollution. Pollution is not only a killer of plants, animals and human beings but it also disrupts the balance of nature and pollution is the number one cause of climate change. We do not want our corals and other marine life destroyed and our beautiful mountains denuded all in the name of progress.

Thus, we must not only develop a pro-environment behavior but also the belief that nature is inherently fragile, interconnected, and threatened by human activity.

When we can do this for Bogo, then our city will have truly lived up to its vision as a “globally competitive and environmentally friendly center of trade and industry.”-

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