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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bogo Hosts Halad sa Kabataan

Vice-Governor Agnes Magpale graced the fourth year celebration of HALAD SA KABATAAN hosted by the City of Bogo last September 8, 2011. Children of twelve (12) to seventeen (17) years from the eight municipalities and lone city in the fourth district of Cebu competed in singing and guitar duet contests.

The event served as the elimination round where the top two (2) performers get to represent their respective city/municipality and compete in a provincial extravaganza scheduled on the Children’s Month - October of this year at the Cebu International Convention Center.

Representatives from the City of Bogo and the Municipality of San Remigio emerged victorious with the Bogo performer winning the top prize in singing and the second prize in the guitar duet. San Remigio had the best guitar duet team and copped the runner-up prize for the singing contest.

“The winners will undergo further screening and training as the organizers want to showcase music from Cebuano Artists for the provincial talent show.” said Amabelle Mayor, department Head of the City Social Welfare and Development Office. Her department assumed the hosting duties for the HALAD SA KABATAAN event.

HALAD SA KABATAAN is an initiative of Vice Governor Agnes Magpale which she began to implement when she was still a member of the Provincial Board (Cebu Province). Bogo City’s Mayor Celestino Martinez was also present at the event.

Champagne Tepan and Miss Capangpangan of San Remigio were chosen to represent the 4th district in the Provincial Contest. The two were able to perform in the said Halad sa Kabataan singing contest but were not able to get any prize, however they performed well in the said event. Below is the video of Miss Tepan's actual performance in the said contest:

Our suggestion to the organizers of the Halad sa Kabataan (2011), the people who conducted the workshop to the contestants should not have been chosen as the members of the board of judges. Without prejudice to those who won, for delicadeza's sake, they should have stayed away from judging the contest proper since they were the one who conducted the "workshop daw" where they vocally express favoritism in favor of some contestants who happens to be students of their  school of music. In the eyes of the trainers of those children, it seems that you can only have a chance to win if you are studying in their school of music.

The Provincial Government should look into things like this, because some LGUs  are now discouraged to join any contests for doubt of "Lutong Makaw".

OCTOBER 2011 VOL. 1 NO. 2

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