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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Five Bogo Cops Promoted

(from KANAAS )

Another milestone for the PNP elements of Bogo City Police Station as five (5) PNP personnel were promoted a rank higher because of their exemplary performance and dedication shown in the field of police service.

SPO3 Rolando Salazar Torquido was promoted to SPO4; PO3 Winston Alburo Isnani to SPO1; PO3 Jovito Saraga Aballe to SPO1; PO2 Edwin Yurag Dignos to PO3; and PO1 Julius Gablines Bellezas to PO2. Their promotion passed through a meticulous and thorough process based on their eligibilities, time-in-grade and other qualifications.

The simultaneous pinning of ranks was done during the traditional Monday Flag-Raising Ceremony at the Bogo City Hall on August 22. The said ceremony was witnessed by Bogo City Vice-Mayor Hon. Santiago A. Sevilla, Chairman of City Peace and Order Council Hon. Geronimo Almirante, heads of different offices, regular and casual employees and respective spouses of the promoted personnel.

The said promotion gave a lift to the morale of other PNP personnel of this station. It is fulfilling to be promoted not just for monetary remuneration for the service done but also for the satisfaction being able to achieve and reach the heights they’re capable of becoming. - RAlarde

OCTOBER 2011 VOL. 1 NO. 2


  1. Congratulations for a job well done. keep it up.

  2. well done jud? numero unong adik man nas WINSTON ISNANI dagan gali na pag drugtest kapit tuko las Mayor ug sa mga huwes sa Bogo.


    Maayo diay ning pusher-user ta nga PULIS sa kay ma promote man nuon? Muabot ra ang adlaw anang magsuon nga PULIS PATOLA sa Bogo. Alexis Isnani ug Winston Isnani dili tanan higayon inyo.

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